YOU probably wouldn’t think of Indonesia’s President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo as a prolific YouTuber but a simple glance at his account would tell you that that’s exactly what he is.

In fact, his updates on the video sharing site and nearly 10 million-strong following on Twitter indicate he is one of few leaders in the world who actually understands the power of social media, and uses it to gain influence in a manner that endears him to the voting public.

But his updates aim to do more than just spread influence and gain public support.


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Jokowi’s YouTube channel, called #JKWVLOG, offers glimpses of his everyday life which include state-visits, meetings, and tours around the archipelagic nation.

The leader also uses this video platform to promote Indonesia’s stunning islands – after all, who better to promote Indonesian tourism that the president of the republic himself?

Recently, Jokowi videoed his trip to the idyllic beachy island of Raja Ampat. Traveling by boat, he was able to capture the lush green forest and crystal waters.

Adding a personal touch to the video, he explains that on this occasion there wasn’t enough time to go diving, but he plans to return in order to admire the underwater scenery.

The videos don’t demand the viewer’s attention or insist you must visit, but instead, they appeal to your sense of adventure and lure you into a state of eager exploration.

Jokowi also uses the video channel as a tool for eco messages and reassurance. Such as in the case of the Mount Agung eruption in Bali.

Instead of escaping and leaving Bali’s residents to rebuild its reputation and safety record after the volcano spewed its lava, Jokowi traveled to the much-loved island to assure residents and travelers the area was entirely safe.

The president also entices his viewers to explore relatively untouched islands, such as Mandalika Beach on West Nusa Tenggara.

Accompanied by West Nusa Tenggara Governor Zainul Majdi, the pair vlogged from a white, powdery-sand beach, as the Indian Ocean laps at the shore, as if to say “Can I get in your vlog too please?”

The title of this particular entry translates to “The Beauty of Mandalika” and aims to showcase other paradise islands as an alternative to Bali.

Jokowi’s vlogs aren’t only informative and entertaining, they also allow Indonesian nationals, travelers and other vloggers alike to experience a day in the life of the president and virtually wander around these magnificent destinations.

His postings are, perhaps, something other politicians in the world could do with adopting in order to grow tourism industries and earn the respect of foreign visitors, and citizens themselves.

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