LEGOLAND Malaysia has kickstarted 2018 with the construction of its latest attraction: a Lego-themed aquarium resort called Sea Life Malaysia. The new resort is expected to its doors to keen marine enthusiasts by the end of the fourth quarter.

Brick-my-brick the resort will be built with the iconic children’s toy brand in mind and offer the ultimate experience of discovering the depths of the ocean through stunning and sometimes bizarre-looking marine life.

Sea Life Malaysia will have a total 25 aquariums, all of which containing fascinating sea creatures, from ferocious sharks to squidgy jelly-fish and bobbing seahorses to smiling stingrays. In total, there will be 11 habitat zones, all with different water temperatures, feeding schedules, and tank furnishings.


There will be 25 aquariums with a total of 25 habitats. Source:

In addition to strolling around the aquarium, and feeling inspired by the planet’s incredible eco-diversity, children will be encouraged to take part in activities such as feeding and caring for the animals and learning through play.



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“We’re very enthusiastic about welcoming Sea Life at Legoland Malaysia Resort,” said Kurt Stocks, the general manager of Legoland Malaysia Resort, in a press release.

“Children will be able to interact with various sea organisms and learn about the natural habitat of these organisms. Sea Life will be the first aquarium resort in Malaysia that offers the educational experience about healthy living sea entities.”


Visitors will be encouraged to participate in holding sea creatures such as crabs. Source:

In yet another first, Sea Life Malaysia will be home the Malaysian Rainforest habitat, showcasing amphibious and land animals from the local rainforest.

As if the sea creatures weren’t enough to marvel at, Legoland is pulling out all the stops to ensure it adds a special Lego theme its tanks. Visitors will get to see Lego-people acting out scenes in the aquariums and at certain times of the day, an experienced diver will deliver brilliant underwater stories to intrigued children.

This development means Legoland Sea Life Aquarium is adding to its portfolio that already spans over 50 countries, including Japan, Thailand, South Korea and China.


Underwater stories add a fun twist to learning about the oceans. Source:

This addition to the theme park is coming at a crucial time, as the world’s oceans remain under threat from pollution and over-fishing. Never has it been so important to educate the future generations on the importance of the oceans.

They account for 97 percent of the planet’s water and absorb most of the carbon in the air, to give us oxygen to live.

This new development will give adults and children the opportunity to learn and rethink their living habits, to ensure no further damage is done to the ocean, but also have a lot of fun while doing so.

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