TAIWAN has seen a significant increase in tourists over the past few years, and for very good, tasty, awe-inspiring reasons.

You may associate Taiwan with the long-winded, dramatic soap dramas, but it is so much more than that. Let us take you on a journey of discovery to showcase some of the most enticing treasures found in Taiwan.

From melt-in-your-mouth bao (a type of steamed, filled bun) to unrivaled stunning scenery, this is why you should visit Taiwan.

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Friendly locals

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Taiwan has some of the friendliest locals in the whole of Asia. Don’t be surprised if strangers spark up conversations with you in the street.

Their intrigue will make you feel at home and this is a brilliant way to involve yourself in the local culture.

We guarantee you’ll return home having made at least one local friend in Taiwan.

Bao crazy

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Taiwan is the home of the famous bao. This delightful concoction consists of a fluffy white bun stuffed with fantastic stewed meat, sauce, herbs, spices, and seeds.

The buns are only a few mouthfuls big, so you’ll probably want to order a few… or twenty.

The night markets

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Arguably the best nightlife in Taiwan is found at vibrant, bustling street markets. The capital of Taipei is full of these incredible markets where visitors can find an array of satays or food-on-a-stick as it’s also known.

From vegetables bursting with rainbow colors and familiar chicken and beef to the rather obscure creatures that may take you by surprise, such as whole squid and whole frogs.

These night markets are a social spectacle where you can see groups of friends having fun or snacking among work colleagues.



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Hot springs

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Taiwan is home to some of the world’s most incredible and abundant hot springs. One of the most easily accessible from Taipei is Beitou.

The hot spring is just a 30-minute MRT (train) ride away from the city center costing only US$1. With plenty of hotels, campsites, museums, gardens, and restaurants, and of course the natural hot springs, you’ll be spoilt for choice on what to do.


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Anyone who hasn’t already been to Taiwan will be awestruck but its natural beauty.

The subtropical volcanic island is more than 70 percent sky-scraping, jagged mountains. The golden beaches are met with rows of towering stone pillars which have formed as the sea and winds whipped around them, eroding the rock that once formed part of the land.

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You must also visit the burning rocks which haven’t be doused in over 300 years and Black Dwarf Cave, steeped in tragic history – a tour down here isn’t for the fainthearted.

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