TrustYou, the guest feedback platform, today released a study on guest feedback management that shows that hotels can significantly impact their online reputation simply by collecting online reviews. We’ve read, digested the report and here’s our analysis and verdict – or if you would like to download the full report, visit the TrustYou website.

The study surveyed 920 US consumers, both leisure and business travellers, who have travelled within the previous 12 months and booked their own accommodation.

The study revealed that the majority of guests have left at least one review about their experience with an accommodation. Further, when a hospitality property asks a guest to write a review, they are more tha three times more likely to get a response.

Summary and key findings

TrustYou recommends that hoteliers can positively impact their reputation by collecting and building online reviews by adopting a comprehensive review marketing strategy to share and display their positive reputation across the web. Perhaps more importantly, hoteliers should already be actively searching for feedback from customers as this information could be used to encourages positive operational changes.

The key findings from the report were that:

  • 54%, of guests have experience writing and submitting at least one review in the previous 12-months.
  • 95% of traveller reviews are positive; 93% of travelers’ most recent reviews are positive.
  • When a review is requested by an accommodation provider, guests are 3.6x times more likely to leave a review.
  • Reviews are also 16% more likely to be “extremely positive” 5-star reviews.
  • After price, “Review Score” is the most important decision variable for travellers to book accommodation.

“This study reaffirms how important it really is to be on top of your reputation as a hotel provider. The white paper demonstrates that 80% of travelers who received a survey to evaluate a hotel’s performance also left a review. In comparison, only 22% of travelers wrote a review without having been asked. Hotels can easily close this gap with a post-stay survey software that allows hoteliers to manage guest feedback and reviews from the entire web simultaneously”, said Benjamin Jost, CEO of TrustYou.

Difference in reviewing behaviour between the genders

According to the report, males are 7% more likely than females to have left a review in the previous 12 months. Female respondents, however, leave 3% more positive reviews. As further evidence of the difference between gender, males are 23% more likely to frequently write reviews, meaning 4 or more reviews per year.

Review positivity by generation

Further testing reveals that there is a difference between age groups and their likelihood to leave positive reviews: Generation X were the most likely to leave a positive review at 97.1% and – as some the older people might have guessed – the Millennial age group were the least likely to leave a positive review at 93.5%.

People say they review very positively

Out of the travellers those who leave reviews, an overwhelming majority of guests report that they are leaving positive feedback. Overall, 95% of travelers who have left feedback, state that their feedback was positive. When asked specifically about their most recent review, 93% of travelers affirm that their last review was positive – a figure slightly lower than the reported average.

Hoteliers can influence the positivity of a review – just by asking

When a hotelier contacts a guest to submit a review, there is a 16% higher chance that the guest would leave a 5-star review. Overall, 96% of reviews travelers left were positive when the review was solicited by the accommodation provider.

This would indicate that, all a hotelier has to do to improve the online reputation of a hotel is just ask for a review – that may be genuinely the easiest way to improve your bottom line I’ve ever heard in my life!

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