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AS WES ANDERSON releases his new film, Isle of Dogs, the cinematic world is writing reviews, discussing the narrative and debating whether it’s one of his best works.

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Report: Malaysians are traveling solo more than ever

If you mention film director Wes Anderson to any movie buff, the usual response is one of glee, admiration and star-eyed bemusement as the respondent casts their mind back to the colorful array of symmetrical scenes filled with the Wilson brothers, Bill Murray and Angelica Huston.

Not forgetting the impressive intricate details in each shot, brilliant soundtracks, complex characters and a charming color palette.

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His films will leave you contemplating every individual scene while trying to figure out which of his directorial creations is your favorite.

But it’s not just film aficionados who get giddy over Wes Anderson’s creativeness, as Feast India Co in New Delhi perfectly illustrates.

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Created by Renesa Architecture Design Interiors, the Feast India Co restaurant has taken inspiration from two of Anderson’s major works: The Grand Budapest Hotel and Darjeeling Limited.

Feast India Co hopes to leave customers with that same distinct, intrigued and mesmerized feeling you get after watching a Wes Anderson film.

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Pastel pink and zebra stripes create a striking exterior which carries on throughout the restaurant.

The combination of striped and pink lampshades, walls, and furniture combined with plenty of green flora creates a serene aesthetic.

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Renesa Architecture Design Interiors have been able to take full advantage of the warm Indian climate and create an outdoorsy feel by using open roofs, slated only by wood panels and installing a semi-outdoors bar.

The reception is wholly inspired by the hotel check-in desk featured in The Grand Budapest Hotel.

There is also some detail nodding toward India’s British colonial past such as the grand style seating and an art deco-themed bar.

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The food, however, is described as “Progressive Indian Cuisine”.

You can check out this zany bar and restaurant for yourself from 2pm onwards daily.

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Although, it’s best to make a reservation first to avoid being denied a table in this beautifully blushing restaurant.

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