Voglr has launched its video platform especially made for travel agents, showcasing more than a thousand luxury hotels and destinations worldwide.

Voglr is a new video search engine created exclusively to showcase luxury hotels, resorts and destinations around the world.

But doesn’t YouTube have that, too? Well, Voglr is different because it has a specially curated database and its interface is specifically designed for browsing luxury hotels. Although not in 3D, it gives the ability to clearly show customers what they can expect, and it’s just what we need in an ever-growing digital world.

And just like professional vloggers, hotels and accommodations can readily access Voglr to create a commercial account through which they can upload their promotional videos.

Voglr’s map shows more than a thousand properties in its archive

“Whilst many hotels and destinations feature video content on their own website, the development of one curated portal that places thousands of property and destination videos directly in front of their target audience is invaluable for both travel agents and their clients. We have invested in developing a robust platform and approve all content before it goes live, meaning that quality will be at the heart of everything you see,” said Voglr’s director and founder Patrice Van Isacker.

Quality will be at the heart of everything you see

A variety of advertising options allow for tailored solutions at various price points. The platform allows advertisers to display contact information with the Voglr Directory Listing, secure prime placement for a video with Voglr Choice, or circulate the latest news and offers to an international database of over 30,000 travel agents via dedicated digital newsletter.

In an age of digital media where visuals rule our timeline feeds, the new video search engine can offer potential travellers a new way of choosing where to go next.

While watching a video, agents may choose to share on social media, email a client, or request a booking through Voglr

The video searching platform can be a useful selling tool for agents while being a catalyst for travellers out there. Some people hesitate to go because photos may not be convincing enough and these hotel-specific videos may urge them after taking a video tour. In addition, the curated videos and location map will make browsing for hotels easier and quicker.

Krystina Georgiou, Voglr’s commercial director commented: “The platform adds a compelling new dimension to online Hotel & Destination marketing; inspiring, educating and empowering consumers and industry experts through relevant and captivating content.“

Voglr is a partner of Clik2, a video content management and streaming system for the travel industry. All official content uploaded to Voglr.com will become part of the Clik2 video library and distribution system.

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