Quack quack the rubber duckie is back

Posted by - March 22, 2018

RUBBER ducks have featured as a classic bath toy for decades, but one swimming team in Australia took their love for the duck a step further and made a giant one suitable for the sea. Perhaps it’s a little too seaworthy.
Disaster struck at a recent swimming competition as the giant duck, adorably named Daphne, drifted out to sea as fast easterly winds picked up before an annual swimming competition.
The giant inflatable duck belongs to the Cockburn Masters Swimming Club who are based in Perth, Western Australia.
As the team was preparing to start the Jetty to Jetty swim competition Daphne, who is worth around US$900, floated away. According to The New York Times, Peter Marr, the club’s president, attempted to catch the escaping duck but wasn’t able to grab it in time.
This hotel in Japan looks posh, but is exceptionally kind to Mother Nature Daphne disappeared completely after 50 meters, Marr told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
After realizing that Daphne could be just about anywhere in the expansive Indian Ocean, the club appealed for help via Facebook with a reward poster asking good Samaritans to “Help us try and find our beloved Daphne…” The rewards on offer were free swimming passes and event merchandise.
The giant rubber duckie mascot story made headlines around the world over the last week, which undoubtedly helped in her safe return.
She was eventually found by a fisherman about 40 kilometers out at sea off the coast of Perth, near Rottnest Island.
Tony Gibb, Daphne’s savior, was described by Marr as a “reasonable bloke”.
At first, Gibb the fisherman was unsure of who Daphne belonged to and even posted a ransom for her safe return. But after the club contacted him he was happy to return her to her rightful home.
“Daphne has brought more to the event than I ever thought she could,” Marr said of the swimming competition.
Let’s hope next year she stays put and performs her duties as club mascot.
This rubber duckie’s adventures are over for now.
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This new booking platform allows you to create your Malaysian adventure

Posted by - December 12, 2017

BOOKING a trip can be exciting yet daunting. Wanting to experience the cultures, learn about history from people who lived it and explore the unique traditions that make a destination special, are all things many travelers want to experience. But there is a fine balance between booking too many activities and not booking enough, which can leave you vulnerable to missing out altogether.
But fret not, as Malaysian travel start-up Adventoro has unveiled a new adventure-based travel platform which allows travelers anywhere in the world to discover and book adventure-based tours and activities in Malaysia at the click of a button – on the day or way in advance.
The platform works for travelers and Malaysian residents alike. “As a Malaysian I was pleasantly surprised to discover all these places. I got to learn more about my own country,” Michelle Lee, a recent customer said on the website.
Climb, surf and dive in Asia’s capital of adventure tourism The platform currently offers more than 400 tours and activities in regions across Malaysia, including Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi Island, Sabah and Sarawak, with plans to expand locations and activities early in 2018.
A mobile-friendly web platform, Adventoro features six categories of tours and activities: island, river and watersports; wildlife and jungle; culinary and gastronomy; caving and hiking; cultural and traditional; and sightseeing and attractions.
“Langkawi, a cornucopia of gustatory delights with free-flowing cocktails; fringed by primitive rainforests given life by silvery streams that are teeming with wildlife…”
Read more about Langkawi at https://t.co/7UbRWpOUMy pic.twitter.com/6hwqbfntSV
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“We are very excited about the official launch of Adventoro. We want to make it easy for users to find and purchase desired tours and activities online using just a single platform,” Ken Lau, founder and CEO of Adventoro said in a statement.
“Aside from Malaysia, people from America, Australia, Brazil, France, United Kingdom or from anywhere can hop on Adventoro.com at any time to look for a new adventure they would like to experience.”
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The platform makes sure solo travelers are included in trips and are not penalized for not being in a group. Similarly, groups are also accommodated for and even entire companies can book trips for their employees.
“We curate our listings and handpick tours and activities that fit into our niche of adventure. We are working to get our listings to be more than 500 in total for Malaysia by end of this year,” said Lau.
Malaysia is recognized as one of the top destinations for expats Adventoro puts an immense about of passion into creating adventures for travelers, such as caving, white water rafting, waterfall abseiling and jungle runs to name a few. But an enormous amount of emphasis is also put on the rich cultural aspects of the country through rainforest tours and creative workshops. You can also mingle with cheeky orangutans at a rehabilitation center and observe the way native tribal people live surrounded by rivers and forest.
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“We aspire to grow Adventoro to become a leading go-to platform for adventure-based tours and activities in the diverse beautiful region of Southeast Asia. We start off with Malaysia and soon we want to bring on tours and activities around the region,” added Lau.
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