Asia’s first hanging hotel opens in Indonesian – not for the faint-hearted

Posted by - November 22, 2017

ADVENTURE holidays just stepped up a whole new level, thanks to the creative mind of Dhanni Daelami.
Dhanni, a climbing enthusiast and operator of the dizzying accommodation has just opened a hanging hotel on the side of Mount Parang in the west of Java, Indonesia. Thrill seekers are already lining up to stay a night or two at 900 meters above the sea level.
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Views from the cabin are undoubtedly worth the effort of getting up there. Daredevils and adrenaline junkies can take in the impressive views of Java, including the awesome man-made Jatiluhur reservoir and dam.
The skylodge Padjajaran Anyar has undergone extensive safety tests that have lasted from September through October, so no need to be worried about it slipping down the mountainside as you sleep.
The rise of adventure tourism (and where to immerse in it) In accordance with international safety standards, the hotel is quite simply as safe as can be, unless of course you suffer from vertigo and pass out at the thought of climbing the stairs.
The one-ton, polycarbonate cabin is held in place tightly by 20 steel ropes that are capable of securing up to 40-tons of weight.
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The fun begins with getting up to the cabin. Guests will have to clamber up the iron steps that span across 500 meters of 60-degree terrain. For a little bit of relaxation between all the climbing, adventurists can enjoy a trip across a Tyrolean traverse which will scoot them straight to the cabin.
“Guests are accompanied and supervised by our guides throughout the journey to the cabin,” Dhanni told The Jakarta Post.
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The hotel is the first of its kind across the entirety of Asia and was inspired by the Skylodge Adventure Suites, Cusco, Peru.
However, it could be argued that Java’s new addition is more attractive than Peru’s offerings as the cabin is fitted with electricity, a shower, toilet and air conditioning.
Currently, guests can only make reservations directly with the hotel, however, the company is hoping to secure partnerships with travel operators, so potential lodgers don’t feel daunted by the booking process.
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