Ctrip drives safety and responsible travel for outbound Chinese tourists

Posted by - September 14, 2018

Jane Sun, CEO of CtripFollowing a new report dubbed, the First Half of 2018 Travel Report- Europe, compiled in partnership with Ctrip, the China Tourism Academy (CTA) and Huayuan International Travel (HuaYuan), which looked into the movements and habits of Chinese tourists in Europe – Ctrip has announced the launch of a new drive to promote safety and responsible travel when heading abroad.
This comes as a response to the concern from Chinese travellers, who made over 130 million international journeys in 2017, over how best to handle a crisis such as natural disasters and global emergencies, such as the Phuket ferry crash, in Thailand, the Lombok earthquake or the recent Bali volcano eruption.
The initiative not only educates travellers about the importance of responsible and safe travel but also will provide humanitarian assistance if needed during their overseas travel.
According to Ctrip, the participating organisations will be “combining innovation and technology in the establishment of a security alliance allowing the coordination of international humanitarian relief; helping raise public awareness of green, safe and responsible travel.”
“Safety of travellers is a top priority for Ctrip”
Jane Sun, CEO of Ctrip, said: “Preventing security risks and establishing emergency rescue mechanisms to ensure the safety of travellers is a top priority for Ctrip. Ctrip serves hundreds of millions of travellers every year and through cooperation with UNDP [the United Nations Development Programme]; we are able to connect with more countries, people and institutions to create a working platform for the learning and sharing of security knowledge, skills and safety.”
“Insights into areas such as disaster risk management”
Agi Veres, the country director of the UNDP in China, said: “We have been making full use of our global network and development experiences to support countries to develop solutions to address challenges related to poverty alleviation, good governance and more. The launch of this project has given UNDP new insights into areas such as disaster risk management.”
Li Zhongguang, vice president of the CTA, added that “Safe and responsible travel has always been important research topics for China Tourism Academy. We will continue to promote innovative research and contribute to developing such services for the travel industry.”