Retaj Hotels and Taj Hana join forces to seize potential of medical tourism

Posted by - April 9, 2018

Qatari real estate and hotel management company Retaj Hotels and Hospitality, has recently announced details of it Asian expansion with the signing of new strategic partnership with Thailand’s Taj Hana.
Mohamed Bin Johar Al Mohamed (below, centre right), vice chairman and managing director of Retaj Group and Luqman Nani (below, centre left), managing director of Taj Hana Group, signed the partnership at Al Meroz Hotel in Bangkok, with former Thai deputy Prime Minister Wan Muhamad Noor Matha in attendance.
The agreement, which comes as part of Retaj’s global expansion plan to cement their reputation and become one of the top hospitality companies in the Middle East, will provide more than 27 hotels for the group to operate over the next five years – in strategic locations such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and China.
Mohamed Bin Johar Al Mohamed said of the event: “Retaj has established itself as a key brand, being the first and only Qatari hotel brand operating inside and outside the state and which has succeeded in spreading to many countries in Asia, Africa and Europe.”
“The Far East countries of Asia are among the most important tourist destinations in the world and the most popular among Southeast Asian countries as there is great potential for tourism in these countries,” he said.
Describing the importance of medical tourism to the Thai travel industry, Nani noted that Thailand’s high-quality and affordable treatment costs has seen medical and wellness tourism becoming a key aspect of the nation’s tourist industry.
He explained how the partnership includes 2,000 hotel rooms to be managed by Retaj Hotels and Hospitality in Thailand, in addition to 3,000 hotel rooms across East Asia including China, Japan and South Korea.
Echoing the importance of wellness and health to Retaj’s MO, another agreement signed by the groups allows for provision of the Taj Hana Spa brand to appear in all new Retaj Hotels.
The wellness facilities, which feature anti-aging, detox and aqua therapies, along with treatment for sports injuries and stretching and visualisation programmes, are bolstered by special medical spas which combine traditional Thai remedies with modern medicine to treat a vast range of chronic conditions.