Leading Indian DMC moves to capitalize on growing Dubai MICE

Posted by - April 19, 2018

Indian DMC leader Tamarind Global has made its first international MICE move, opening operations in Dubai. It already has a strong Dubai and GCC footprint with their tours business and bringing their MICE capabilities to Dubai make sense.
Dubai is a huge inbound market for Indian company corporate events as well as weddings. Its position as a global hub — within a few hours reach of India — has also served to drive the growth of Indian multinationals using the city as a primary MICE destination. It is also the top MICE destination for the fast GCC countries.
Tamarind Global will offer the full suite of MICE solutions including weddings, events and corporate services. It is best known for their delivery of bespoke events as well as in the comprehensive delivery of event elements. It will be critical for the company to maintain both its ‘bespoke’ positioning, as well as its ability to handle all event elements in Dubai (scouting locations, securing permits, staffing special events, talent recruitment etc).
Dubai is hot as a MICE destination and this will intensify approaching the 2020 World Expo.
We are both optimistic and confident in Tamarind’s prospects with thier Dubai operation. It already has experience executing events internationally. Making the commitment to build out a locally based team in one of the fastest growing global MICE markets will pay dividends. Dubai is hot as a MICE destination and this will intensify approaching the 2020 World Expo.
Thay have an impressive list of global customers including Fiat, HCL, HSBC, Knight Frank, McDonald’s, Monash University, Mitsubishi, Reliance, and Walt Disney.
This launch is already in motion and the company has appointed vice president, Kunal Rai (above) to lead the Dubai vertical who said: “With the progressive growth of the Middle East as a popular destination as well as a growing source market for the business, Dubai is the best choice to set up a regional HQ. It will act as a start point that will drive maximum output to penetrate primarily the UAE and Middle East market.
The biggest advantage is the inbound and outbound connectivity around the globe with an approximate flight time of 3 hours from India. There is an abundant availability of resources to successfully execute the events.
In addition, Dubai Tourism’s support towards like-minded event planners to have a full-fledged SME also played a crucial role in settling on this choice. Dubai is expected to generate revenue and cliental from a broader spectrum, which will add a substantial year-over-year growth and also increase the brand profile globally.”