easyJet adopts solution for more reliable flight schedules

Posted by - August 22, 2018

Amadeus and Optym announced that easyJet has chosen the advanced network simulation solution, Amadeus SkySYM by Optym, to improve the reliability of its flight schedules.
There are many factors that airlines must consider when planning schedules — a complex feat that networks must work on to reduce costs and improve the passenger experience. Optimisation creates a major impact on scheduling while unlocking millions of dollars when it comes to incremental revenue.
The Amadeus SkySYM by Optym solution will enable easyJet to build more reliable flight schedules by reducing flight delays and improve on-time performance (OTP).
“Everything is impossible until somebody does it”
Renzo Vaccari, VP of airline solutions for Optym, commented: “Every airline wants to build optimal flight schedules that will both maximise profits and be more reliable. Our results show that the system predicts on-time performance indicators with greater than 95% accuracy and improves OTP by up to 4%, with minimal impact to network profits. Everything is impossible until somebody does it.”
In 2016, Amadeus and Optym formed a partnership to create a solution that combines Amadeus’ advanced technical expertise with Optym’s network planning and scheduling suite. The Amadeus SkySYM by Optym is one of five solutions that were created to offer network planning and scheduling benefits to airlines.
SkySYM is the only technology in the market that can simulate airline schedules in the planning stage to improve schedule reliability and ensure smooth operations on the actual day of the flight. It works by simulating planned schedules under real-world conditions by modelling factors such as aircraft and passenger flows, maintenance activities, air traffic control events, weather patterns, and crew and baggage delays.
“We will work closely together with the airline”
Manuel Midon, head of airlines, Northern and Western Europe at Amadeus, said: “We will work closely together with the airline during the implementation of the solution, which can contribute to providing an even better customer experience and increasing incremental revenue at the same time. This signature shows how Amadeus understands our customer’s needs, irrespective of the size or type of the carrier, and can help them meet business goals with our solutions.”
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For easyJet, one of Europe’s leading airlines which services more than 83 million passengers annually, the solution will continue to drive its OTP through modelling and prediction, while allowing the airline to experiment with new schedules.
Andrew Salt, network optimisation manager at easyJet, said: “SkySYM is a well-developed, mature product that meets the needs of the network and schedule planning team at easyJet and we are delighted to develop our partnership with Optym and Amadeus with this product. We are confident that it will drive significant value to our business, whilst maintaining and enhancing the quality of our schedules for our customers.”

EasyJet launches new route from London to Rovaniemi

Posted by - August 13, 2018

British low-cost airline company easyJet has announced a new route from London Gatwick to Rovaniemi, Finland. Starting from 31 October 2018, Rovaniemi will be served by easyJet twice weekly on Wednesday and Sunday. The new service is expected to carry more than 13,000 customers in the first winter of operation.
The dominance of British travellers to Rovaniemi, the ‘Official Hometown of Santa Claus’, has been tangible especially during the past two winter seasons. In Rovaniemi, the number of British travellers grew nearly 40% from 2016 to 2017.
“The magic of Christmas any day”
Sanna Kärkkäinen, CEO of Visit Rovaniemi, said: “British travellers are our traditional market. We’re happy for the new connection that serves the visitors to meet Santa Claus and to experience the magic of Christmas any day at the Arctic Circle. The magical Northern Lights can be seen from August to April and there are many tours available. In winter season many travelers go on husky sleigh rides, reindeer farm visits, snowmobile safaris and skiing.”
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Lapland’s attractiveness as a destination is growing, and easyJet’s contribution to flight game promotes Rovaniemi’s role as a gateway to Lapland. The route serves at once many neighbouring travel resorts within short driving distance.
To further support the destination’s growth, a Finnish airport operator Finavia has decided to invest a major amount to Lapland’s airports. Rovaniemi Airport’s terminal will grow in size by over 75% by Christmas 2019.
“The new route and cooperation with easyJet is an important milestone”, said Jani Jolkkonen, senior vice president of airport network at Finavia.
Santa Claus receives visitors 365 days a year in Santa Claus Village situated inside the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi. Attractions there include souvenir shops, cafes, restaurants and Santa’s Main Post Office. Arctic Circle Crossing certificates are available from the Information Office inside the village.

AirHelp’s unveils list of top airlines, highlighting customer satisfaction is way to success

Posted by - June 11, 2018

Flight compensation company AirHelp has unveiled ratings of the world’s best airports and airlines, with the usual suspects Qatar Airways, Lufthansa and Etihad Airways filling out the top three spots.
Established in 2013, AirHelp claims to have the most accurate “data-based” system for assessing the performance of airlines using figures rating carriers on quality of service, on-time performance, claim processing as well as incorporating online consumer sentiment analysis.
Interestingly the data shows that is airlines which put the needs of its passengers to the fore are the ones most likely to come out on top. For example, by attending to shortfalls in its punctuality tightening up its process for compensation enabled Qatar Airlines to knock 2017’s top dog down to number four.
The five airlines propping up the list with the lowest scores include Air Mauritius, Easyjet, Pakistan International Airlines, Royal Jordanian Airlines and WOW Air.
Related Posts AirHelp CEO and co-founder Henrik Zillmer said: “The 2018 AirHelp Score shows that as competition stiffens between airlines those that put passengers first will come out the winners in the long run. For too long airlines have focused on cutting corners and costs without regard to the people they serve.
“We’re thrilled to see a positive shift in many airlines who are now putting passengers first, and when things do go wrong these airlines are holding themselves accountable by executing the rightfully owed claims quickly and without hassle.”
“We congratulate Qatar Airways who consistently puts customers first and has maintained its place in the top three since 2015 and is back at #1 this year. We hope more airlines take note of what these impressive competitors are doing and ensure they improve their performance in the coming year.”
“It is clear there is a need for significant improvement… with consistent mistreatment of consumers”
Expanding on his subject, Zillmer thinks there is an attitude problem to ignore the customers, which he believes is endemic in the industry. This opinion seems very much in harmony with that of Timothy O’Neil Dunne, founder of Air Black Box and aviation pundit, who suggests customers are as low as seventh on list of airline priorities.
“It is clear there is a need for significant improvement, with overbooked flights and cancellations making national headlines month after month, and the consistent mistreatment of consumers,” said Zillmer. “It is no wonder most airlines and airports received poor ratings on the AirHelp Score. It is more important than ever for consumers to fight for their air passenger rights.”
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