Survival-themed vacation

Traditionally dressed Papuan people in wooden canoes. Source: Shutterstock

THE word “vacation” is used very lightly here, as this survival experience probably won’t resemble the relaxing vacations you’ve enjoyed in previous years.

Oceania Expeditions is offering a castaway experience for those who find it hard to disconnect from the “always-on” lifestyle many 21st-century professionals lead.

We’re all guilty of constantly checking e-mails, updating Twitter, or flicking through strangers’ Instagram stories. But a survival-themed holiday will save you from this mindless connectivity as you’ll be too worried about where your next meal is coming from.

Plus, there won’t be any signal on the remote island of Kabakon in Papua New Guinea where Oceania Expeditions will be abandoning you.

The Kabakon Survivor experience is a chance to learn about yourself, how far you can push your body, and whether or not you can survive without constantly using your thumbs (to type and press like, that is).

But it isn’t as grueling as a real-life desert island experience might be.

You won’t need to worry about making your shelter as you’ll be staying in a traditionally thatched bungalow overlooking the St. George’s Channel of the Bismarck Archipelago; a stretch of water far more beautiful than its name lets on.

For five days and four nights, you’ll mostly be left to your own devices.

Villagers from a neighboring island will occasionally pop over to teach you how to build a fire and catch your fish supper with a spear from an outrigger canoe.

The villagers, known as the Karawara people, will also help you to forage for fresh fruit on the island including papaya, banana, and pineapple.

There are no impressive watermelon sculptures at the buffet table here. In fact, there’s no buffet at all.

Once you’ve hunted and foraged for your dinner, the Karawara children will help you to weave mats and hats while telling you stories and singing songs, much like the fictional tale of Swiss Family Robinson. Except, this is real life.

To ensure a vacationer’s safety, Oceania Expeditions provides a full safety and gear briefing before they get to the island.

The island where the Karawara people live is mere minutes from the borrowed paradise where disconnected vacationers will be staying. So, in the unlikely event of an emergency, they’ll be on hand to help.

On return to civilization, vacationers will experience a night of luxury in a stunning resort, complete with day spa, hot showers, restaurants, and of course, WiFi.

This adventure is perfect for couples and families who need to reconnect in real time, not just on the occasional Skype call.

If you want to challenge yourself and prove to your network provider that you can put down your phone for a week, inquire about prices on their website today.

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