5 ways to conquer your biggest travel fears

TRAVELING – whether, by plane, car, train or boat – can be a daunting prospect for many people. The unfamiliarity of the transportation, the feeling of being out of control, the proximity to strangers and even the smell from the tiny toilets can be enough to make you wish you had chosen a stay-cation.

But there are methods to conquer these irrational fears and eliminate the terror that prevents you from feeling excited about your vacation.

While some techniques include covering yourself in motivational and inspiring temporary tattoos, there are certainly more conventional and helpful methods, which will not leave you looking as if you spent your holiday in the arcade.

Salt inhalers

5 ways to conquer your biggest travel fears

Salt inhalers slow down a person’s breathing and allow them to regain control. Source: The Cisca Saltpipe

Salt sprays are usually advised for those who suffer from asthma and allergies, however, they can work magnificently when pesky panic attacks strike.

Salt inhalers work by forcing the sufferer to breathe more slowly and for longer. The salt in the device allows your respiratory system to regain a natural rhythm and slow your heartbeat.

When the user inhales, air is drawn over the natural salt crystals and the moisture of the air absorbs microscopic particles of salt. This penetrates the entire respiratory tract, giving a sensation of taking a deep breath of fresh sea air or visiting salt caves.

Don’t spend important time worrying about things ‘you think you haven’t done’

5 ways to conquer your biggest travel fears

The feeling of lingering doubt can be eliminated by taking pictures. Source: Shutterstock.com

Everyone is guilty of leaving the house, getting halfway through a journey and thinking: “Did I turn off the stove?” Even though you may remember twisting the dial, the nagging feeling is still eating away at you. Do you go back to make sure the house isn’t ablaze or go on holiday and risk not having a house to come back to?

The simple solution is to take pictures of everything you’re worried about. The locked windows, the unplugged appliances, the bathroom light and the stove.

  1. “Oh no, I’ve lost my passport”

  2. 5 ways to conquer your biggest travel fears

    Keep all your important possessions in one place. Source: Shutterstock.com

Be sure to keep all your precious items in one place. From your passport, jewelry and watches, to your electronic devices and spare money. This way you will be a lot less likely to think you have lost everything and then panic uncontrollably until your fingertips finally touch your passport, which is inconveniently at the bottom of your bag.

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  1. Listen to relaxing music

  2. 5 ways to conquer your biggest travel fears

    Create a blissful playlist Source: Shutterstock.com

Listening to certain music can massively decrease feelings of anxiety. Music can transport your mind to happy places – and sad places too – but don’t make a sad playlist for your journey.

A simple search will throw up many pre-made and loved playlists, helping you to stay chilled.

Take a yummy snack

5 ways to conquer your biggest travel fears

A yummy snack can quite literally transform your mood. Source: Shutterstock.com

The food at travel terminals is often expensive and not always particularly fresh. Make sure you take a delicious snack you can look forward to eating. The queuing time may be excessive, the screams of young children may cut through you, and stifling heat may think it’s got the best of you. But if you can whip out your snack, and indulge just for a short while, these problems will disappear.

Over time, you will develop personal methods of coping with anxieties, but for now, try these simple steps and start feeling more zen about your journey ahead.

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