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TODAY marks the United Nations’ International Day of Happiness and people are making the extra effort to smile.

The theme this year is “Share Happiness”, focusing on the importance of relationships, kindness and helping each other.


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A smile, a compliment or a funny joke can go a long way to making someone feel happier, but we can’t deny that buying shiny new things also gives us a sense of self-indulgent glee.

We know money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy you some super-cool travel gadgets to make your trip easier, more exciting and memorable.

Here are our top picks.

Leica Q “Snow” camera:

Travel Gadgets

The new limited edition Leica Q “Snow” is nearly as beautiful as the picture it takes. Source:

Firstly, it is beautiful. And that is before you’ve even looked at the pictures this limited edition camera produces.

The Leica Q “Snow” has been designed in collaboration with Russia-born, Swiss Olympic snowboarding champion Iouri Podladtchikov.

With an off-white cowhide leather, exterior and classic silver encased lens, it has the sharpness of winter and the beauty of powered snow just in its aesthetics.

Of course, the camera has all the usual high-tech features of every other Leica camera, including a dot touchscreen LCD monitor, built-in WiFi connectivity and 24.2-megapixel full-frame sensor, fast prime Summilux lens.

Each of the limited edition cameras has a unique serial code to ensure unsuspecting buyers aren’t duped into purchasing a fake.

There are only 300 of these cameras being made, so be sure to grab yours quickly, along with the snazzy white case.

Anti-sand beach mat:

A sure-fire way to turn a smile into a frown is by getting sand on your beach picnic or in your socks. And nobody wants that.

To make sure your beach day stays frown-free, invest in the revolutionary Sandless Beach Mat, which provides an entirely sand-free experience.

It was originally intended for military use, but since sandy sandwiches are a universal problem, the domestic sphere has started buying them up for beach days.

Pocket-sized washing machine:

Travel Gadgets

This is the perfect solution to all your stinky problems. Source:

The dread of stinky clothes while away is something every traveler experiences. Nobody wants to be that weird smell on the sleeper train or have to decline a dinner invite because they have run out of clothes.

But with the Scrubba Portable washing machine, any smelly woes will be a thing of the past.

This compact little bag comes equipped with a flexible washboard and hundreds of internal nodules to efficiently clean clothes in minutes – just like Momma used to.

The lightweight pouch also doubles up as a dry bag, to keep all your important items safe and dry.

Weighing in at just five ounces, it is the lightest model on the market, making it perfect for any type of trip.



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No more crumpled clothes:

Travel gadgets

This tiny iron is the smallest of its kind in the world – but it does a mighty job. Source:

Unless you’re up for carrying a suit bag around with you on your journey or investing in an iron wherever you go, the chances are that you’ll probably have a few creases in your clothes – annoying right?

Cue tiny travel iron. The answer to every business travelers prayers.

The Steamfast is a tiny 420-watt steam iron and the smallest of its kind in the world. It has three fabric heating levels, so even delicate items can be ironed into a wrinkle-free world.

Scoot away:

Travel gadgets

Steve Aoki riding the scooter he designed. Source:

Picking the perfect carry-on luggage case can be tricky. Thinking of factors such as weight, style, ease of wheeling, and size can make choosing the right bag more of a headache than a fun purchase.

But the Micro 3in1 Luggage Scooter could be the answer to your problems.

Designed with DJ Steve Aoki, the little suitcase is fixed onto a scooter meaning you’ll never be late to your departure gate and you can get there in ultimate style.

The scooter kickboard also doubles up as a Bluetooth Sound2Go speaker and can be folded up to meet most airlines carry-on size rules.

Keep your tootsies warm:

Travel Gadgets

No more having to run to the nearest heated shop to warm up your feet. Source:

If you’re heading to northern Asia where temperatures plummet way into the minus or perhaps you’re taking a ski trip somewhere in Europe to catch the best powder, it’s inevitable that your extremities are going to feel the cold the most.

Conquer near-frostbite with these ThermaCELL Heated Insoles to keep your feet warm.

Simply place the insoles into your shoes or ski boots and using the remote control set it to the temperature you want.

Don’t be alarmed, get armed:

Travel Gadgets

Carry this personal door alarm for a better night sleep. Source:

If you’re not convinced your hostel has the best security or you’re just not good at sleeping in distant lands, then get one of these lightweight door alarms.

The Travel Door Guard can be easily fitted to the door and hung on the handle. When triggered it lets off a loud high-pitched sound, so anyone who is trying to enter will immediately be deterred and you’ll instantly be alerted to an intruder.

Chances are you’ll be safe and sound as the world is full of more nice people than bad. But for peace of mind, there is no harm in arming yourself with this alarm.

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