These Asian airlines will put your germophobe fears to rest. Source: Shutterstock

IN JULY, supermodel Naomi Campbell made headlines when she posted her plane sanitizing routine on her YouTube channel.

She had boarded her Qatar Airlines plane bound for Doha and was filmed putting on disposable gloves before wiping everything down with Dettol Anti-Bacterial Cleansing Surface Wipes. “Clean everything you touch,” Campbell said. “This is what I do on every plane I get on. I do not care what people think of me. It’s my health and it makes me feel better.”

The video was viewed by over a million people.

Soon after, a handful of A-listers started echoing Campbell’s germ-consciousness. Fellow supermodel Heidi Klum posted a video of her travel companion Nicole Richie’s cleaning routine. Like Campbell, Richie was seen donning gloves and wiping down her premium seat with antibacterial wipes.

There is no harm in being a little concerned about airplane hygiene especially if, say, you are going to be eating an in-flight meal off the same tray table that hundreds, maybe thousands, have used before you.

One of the biggest telltale signs of poor cabin cleanliness and hygiene is if food crumbs, beverage spills, floor stains, or crumpled napkins are spotted casually left behind by the previous passenger. And let’s be real – a squeaky clean cabin makes for a much better flight, especially if you are going to be holed up in the cabin for a long-haul journey.

The good news is that airlines have been ramping up efforts to keep their cabins in tiptop conditions. In fact, Skytrax has just revealed the winners for the world’s best airline cabin cleanliness for 2019 and Asian airlines have come out on top.

The cleanest airline cabins belong to Taiwan’s EVA Air, which has been bumped up from the second place in last year’s rankings. Japanese companies Japan Airlines and ANA All Nippon Airways took the second and third spots respectively.

Source: Shutterstock

Here are the top 10 best airlines for cabin cleanliness:

  1. EVA Air (Taiwan)
  2. Japan Airlines (Japan)
  3. ANA All Nippon Airways (Japan)
  4. Singapore Airlines (Singapore)
  5. Asiana Airlines (South Korea)
  6. Hainan Airlines (China)
  7. Swiss International Air Lines (Switzerland)
  8. Cathay Pacific Airways (Hong Kong)
  9. Qatar Airways (Qatar)
  10. Lufthansa (Germany)

The cleanliness accolade is part of the World Airline Awards by Skytrax, which since 1999, has assessed airlines for different factors like cabin crew and in-flight entertainment through its global, annual airline customer satisfaction survey.

The rankings are based on survey responses from passengers who rated the standards and quality of cleanliness in the aircraft cabin for airlines. Cleanliness and presentation of seat areas, tables, carpets, cabin panels, and washrooms all contribute towards the final results.

This year’s awards were decided by a whopping total of 21.65 million eligible survey entries from travelers of over 100 different nationalities.

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