EVERY YEAR, MILLIONS of tropical paradise-hunting tourists flock to idyllic Bali to kick back and relax. This includes travelers from China.

However, Chinese tourists are making waves once again and not for all the right reasons.


Chinese tourists behaving badly: What is being done?

Chinese tourists are topping tourism numbers in Indonesia. In fact, some of their favorite destinations in Indonesia are Bintan island, Manado, Kupang, and of course, Bali.

In November 2017, a South China Morning Post report suggested a large number of Bali’s tourists were from China and soaring visitor numbers have had many negative effects on the Indonesian island.

This includes environmental degradation, water and waste crisis, and an intensifying traffic problem.

However, Indonesia is still aiming to attract 10 million tourists from China by 2019.

But now, a new problem has arisen.

A beautiful sunrise at a Lake Bratan with Ulun Danu Bratan Temple in Bali, Indonesia. Source: Shutterstock.

According to the Bali Legislative Council (DPRD), there have been cases where Chinese tourists are becoming illegal guides.

DPRD member Anak Agung Ngurah Adhi Ardhana has requested the Bali provincial government to monitor tourists who come to the island to work.

“The government has to tighten and monitor tourists who work part-time as guides in Bali,” kompas.com quoted Adi Ardhana as saying.

“If they keep ignoring it, it will damage the tourism sector in the future.”

According to Adi Ardhana, guides from the Mandarin division of Himpunan Pramuwisata Indonesia (HPI), or Indonesia Guide Organization, had already asked the government to take action against illegal guides from China.

Bali is now monitoring part-time tour guides on the island. Source: Shutterstock.

Meanwhile, Bali Public Order Agency (Satpol PP) chairman Made Sukadana said his agency had closed down two travel agencies for violating the rules.

“We closed down two travel agencies in Kuta for not having operating licenses,” he said.

“Previously, both agents had served European, Chinese and domestic tourists.”

Made Sukadana, who has tracked online travel agencies alongside the police, also hoped that locals would report all illegal guides to Satpol PP Bali.

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