Are you planning a trip to the most magical regions, Southeast Asia, and wondering the best time to visit? Southeast Asia, the home to the most stunning beaches, varied mountains, mouth-watering cuisine, thriving jungles, bustling cities, and ancient temples, has mixed weather patterns.

You can observe significant climatic variations, even in the same country. Like in Thailand, when Phuket has a sunny dry season, travelers are enjoying monsoon season at Koh Samui, which is only at a distance of 300 Km.

Whether you are planning a week-long holiday or going for month-long trekking, select the best time of the year to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

This quick guide will help you in selecting the best time to explore the famous spots of Southeast Asia.


With a beautiful coastline, coral reefs, and tropical islands, Malaysia is the best place for your vacation.

When to go

Being located near to the equator, Malaysia usually has a tropical climate, and it does not observe many fluctuations. Malaysia sees a visible spike of tourists from December to January and then June to August. April to October are the wettest months for the western peninsula. The eastern peninsula receives rains from November to February.

March to early October is considered the best time for Malasia Tour, as heavy rains are over by this time, and the temperature is less humid.

Top Things To Do

  • Perhentian Island – Because of the crystalline waters and reefs, the island is famous among divers and snorkelers.
  • Georgetown – You will find Chinese temples, mosques, British Raj architecture, busy cafes, bustling shops, and historic buildings at this enchanting city.
    • Mount Kota Kinabalu – The tallest mountain is an ideal place for those who are going for trekking. On a clear day, you can view Phillippines from here.
  • Tea Plantations – The Cameron Highlands offers you a cool temperature from the rest of the country, as it is covered with tea plantations.


A Philippines tour lets you experience its excellent hospitality, attractive culture, and visit the beautiful beaches. Siargao, Palawan, and Boracay are some of the great destinations that are listed among Asia’s most beautiful islands.

When to go

The Philippines is popular during the dry season – November and April. At this time of year, you can access almost the whole of the country, including the beautiful islands and the remote areas. March and April observe the high temperature, so traveling in the colder months is preferable.

May and October observe the rain, but it won’t impact the travel as rain is not constant.

Top Things To Do

  • Banaue Rice Terraces – Your trip to Philipinnes is not complete without a visit to the amazing Banaue Rice Terraces. The magnificent farm terraces look like the giant steps are reaching the sky. Ifugao tribes carved it 2000 years ago from the mountain ranges.
  • Puerto Princesa Underground River – If you are a nature lover, Puerto Princesa, located on Palawa island is a paradise for you. This lovely town is rich in wildlife and has unspoiled landscapes. The underground river, protected in national parks, is a unique natural phenomenon.


Southeast Asia’s travel hub welcomes visitors throughout the year. The lush jungles, delicious food, world-class diving, and beaches here speak for the beauty of this wonderful place. No matter what your budget is, the country offers a lot to its visitors.

When to go

Though March to June are the hottest months of Thailand, the best time to go to the Thailand tour is from November to April. It is the peak season when the country greets most of the travelers.

Top Things To Do

  • Bangkok – You will explore the amazing markets, palaces, temples, and the vibrant nightlife here. The Thai food here is also unmatchable.
  • Chiang Mai – It is one of the old cities here that is filled with temples, markets, mouth-watering food, and the best atmosphere. The nearby elephant sanctuary is good for jungle trekking.
  • Ko Phi Phi – It is the most famous island, and people flock here because of Maya Bay, and Monkey Beach. In 2004, the tsunami destroyed the island. But it is rebuilt and has now developed to a greater extent, even more, significant than before.


It is the rich history and culture of the place that makes it popular among tourists. Cambodia’s famous Angkor Temple is the one evidence that shows it has a lot to offer you when you are on a Cambodia tour.

When to go

Tourism is at the peak in Cambodia from November to February. You can explore the temples mildly in the period. June to October is the rainy time here, visiting at this time of the year allows you to avail the services at a much cheaper rate. But it is not the safest time to visit.

The ideal time to visit Cambodia is from early March to May end and then from September end to January.

Top Things To Do

  • Angkor Wat – Cambodia’s ancient city, was the Khmer empire’s center. It has also once ruled the major part of Southeast Asia. The popular temples here are Bayon, Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, and Ta Phrom.
  • Tonle Sap – While sailing down the river, you will see how Cambodian life is closely tied to a major waterway. Either take a boat or go on a cruise to enjoy the surroundings here.


Vietnam, the only country in Southeast Asia that has winters, is also one of the favorite destinations among tourists. The landscapes, vibrant energy, and the tasty food of the place catch the tourist’s attention.

When to go

You should carefully plan your Vietnam tour. From December to January, the country remains covered in ice. From North to Central and South, temperature varies here. If you are planning to visit the entire country, ensure you are going in favorable climatic conditions.

Though the peak season is November to February and then from May to August, the favorable time to visit North Vietnam is August to November, and for the Southern region is November to February.

Top Things To Do

  • Hoi An – Packed with cafes, historical buildings, and homes, Hoi An is a great place to relax during your vacation. The place has the best eating joints, markets, nearby beaches, and rivers to make your trip enjoyable.
  • Hanoi – Visit the historical museum, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, countless temples, galleries, and the Old Quarter’s narrow streets during your stay at Hanoi. If you are on a multi-day tour to Halong Bay, then also this Vietnam’s capital is the best to stay.
  • Halong Bay – There are more than 3000 islands in Halong Bay’s emerald green waters. Cat Ba Island here is excellent for hiking. When tourists explore Halong Bay, they find it like taking a cave tour. Usually, a tour of 3 to 5 days, leaves from here to Hanoi.


With scenic and beautiful natural landscapes, lakes, mountains, and beaches, Indonesia has well-known tourist spots. Bali, Jakarta, and Lombok are some of them. Indonesia has more than 17000 islands, and that makes it the largest Island country in the world.

Reasonably priced accommodation and inexpensive local food make it popular among tourists.

When to go

This tropical country enjoys even climate all through the year. The weather can be different depending on the island you are visiting.

Due to school holidays in Australia and summer vacations in Europe, July and August are observed as the peak tourist seasons here. April to October is considered as the best time for planning an Indonesia tour.

Top Things To Do

Bali – This famous Indonesia’s island is often seen crowded with travelers. The beauty of the place is the reason behind it. You can go to Bingin Beach, Pura Besakih, and can also see the stunning building of the Mother Temple during your stay here. Ubud’s traditional Balinese dancing is also a must to watch if you are visiting Bali.

Gili Islands – This island is a paradise for scuba divers and for those who love to do snorkeling, as you will find excellent snorkel and scuba facilities here. The island also has great nightlife.

Borobudur – From the 9th century, it is the huge Buddhist temple. When you make your way to the top of the temple, you will see the reliefs that highlight Buddhist teachings. It is said, you can not move ahead until you understand the meaning of each relief.

Whether you are just beginning the research or you have already made your mind to go on a trip, this guide would have surely helped you. Plan your Southeast Asia trip to your preferred country in the most favorable climate so that bad weather won’t play a spoilsport.

We hope you plan your trip in the best weather and enjoy your trip to the fullest!

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