AIRBNB is well on its way to becoming a full-scale travel agency, having rolled out a bunch of new features in the past couple of months.

This includes Experiences, Business Travel Ready, payment splitting, and Airbnb Plus and Beyond by Airbnb.

Nevermind fighting off competition from the hostel industry. Airbnb is inching closer to becoming a full-scale travel company.Nevermind fighting off competition from the hostel industry. Airbnb is inching closer to becoming a full-scale travel company.


Airbnb puts on fancy pants to attract wealthier guests

The fast-growing home-sharing company’s huge offering of unique stays often gets people talking, from abbeys to tree houses, to converted trains and “space pods”. While Airbnb is a predominantly leisure-targeted company, people are beginning to booking it for more than just a place to stay or its crazy-looking accommodation appeal.

With over 640,00 hosts and 4 million listings, you’re bound to find something that suits your every mood. Here are how people are smartly using Airbnb’s “Suitable for Events” function:

Parties and festivities

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We’ve heard horror stories of guests from hell completely tearing an Airbnb apart and leaving the host to pick up the pieces with tears in their eyes. But in all honesty, there have been legit parties taking place at accommodations with well-behaved guests. Picture wanting to have all your relatives over for a Christmas dinner or a Chinese New Year lunch but not have enough space at home, or wanting to throw a hen’s night for one of your best friends who is getting married but you want to do away with the bar/pub crowd. Where better to hold it than a space that can accommodate everyone?

Work and play

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On the more corporate side of things, some companies are also turning to Airbnb homes for event space rental options for workshops and demos, and for obvious reasons. First of all, it allows for more headcount. The cost would be cheaper than, say, a hotel suite or a conference room, especially if you’re going to cater food as well. And with the addition of the homely feel, businesses are also finding it easier pitch or present to their attendees. Companies that travel in a team will surely appreciate the advantage of being able to turn in at the end of a long day in one of the rooms right upstairs.


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Want a seaside villa for your beach wedding? Are you dreaming of a garden registry of marriage (ROM) luncheon? There are many Airbnb picks that you can book for those special moments without breaking the bank. If you’re planning on having a small, cozy ‘do with just a handful of special guests, it makes more sense to book an Airbnb accommodation big enough to house you and your guests. The average per-night price for reservations is way more affordable than booking a restaurant or a cafe, so you can save your money to splurge or something else (there will be other bills for your wedding). Plus, some of your guests will have a place to stay.

Testing one, two

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Airbnb really allows its guests to live like a local. And this is one advantage that people can use when deciding where to move to. It can be really difficult to decide which neighborhood for you, and after referring so so many real estate agents, it can all seems like a blur. But before packing up and uprooting from your current place, try out different neighborhoods first by booking a couple of nights in the areas that you’re choosing from. Give yourself enough time to get your bearings, check out the local grocery store, find the nearest cafe, and figure out which pub you like most.

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