Career Wanderlust

According to new research by Decathlon, more than two-thirds (68%) of 1,000 in the UK want to travel more internationally with their job. The survey found that although 55% of 18-35 respondents have travelled internationally for work at least three times in the past year (some as many as seven times) — just 32% were satisfied with the number of air miles they clocked up.

Moreover, 63% said they would be more likely to accept a job that offered round-the-world opportunities.

“An appetite and an expectation amongst younger workers”

Thibault Peeters, CEO at Decathlon UK, commented: “The hyper-connected, technology-focused nature of today’s global landscape, coupled with cheaper airfares and the growth of new, developing markets have made international business trips more commonplace than ever before. Clearly, this had led to both an appetite and an expectation amongst younger workers to travel internationally in their chosen career.”

Career Wanderlust

Career Wanderlust

Career Wanderlust

Asked why they would like to travel more: 53% said they think it would make their job more exciting; 37% see work travel as a cost-effective way to see the world, and 23% said that they don’t like to be tied to one place in their career or life.

Also a worthy note for employers: 19% said they would be likely or very likely to leave their current job within the next 12 months to go travelling, due to a lack of opportunities to satisfy their wanderlust in their role. This highlights the consequences of not offering (or not being able to offer) international travel to their staff.

Peeters added: “At Decathlon, we post around 25 opportunities to work abroad each year and this has proven to be one of the main factors why top talent apply to work at the company.”

“Something that employers should recognise”

“The battle to attract and maintain great young talent continues to gain momentum in the UK. Career wanderlust is, therefore, something that employers should recognise, take into consideration and offer to prospective candidates as part of the job package in order to stay competitive. Those that don’t could find themselves lagging behind and will feel the strain of a weakened talent pipeline as a result.”

Given that experts predict that the age bracket will make up 35% of the workforce by 2020 — it’s a vital demographic to pay attention to.

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