With so many various things for you to experience during different seasons, many people wonder what is the best time to visit Yellowstone. Some people claim summer to be the best time of year to visit Yellowstone due to most lodges and other interesting facilities being fully open and available. However, those who want to avoid the crowd don’t enjoy visiting during the busiest months.

Each season has its charms, but different people appreciate different conditions. We’ll go over the pros and cons of each season so you can choose when to visit Yellowstone and enjoy every minute.

yellowstone sunsetVisiting Yellowstone in the Winter: pros and cons

If you’re looking for the best time to visit Yellowstone to avoid crowds, winter is the season for planning a tour. The park welcomes over 4 million visitors every year, and yet, less than 3 percent of that number of people visit from December until the end of March.

Although you might think there isn’t much to do during wintertime, the truth is there are many amazing things to experience inside and outside the park, even in the cold months. Snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, hiking, ice skating, star gazing, wildlife watching, dog sledding, hot spring soaking – you can do it all during winter. The scenery is breathtaking, and visitors go home with the most outstanding of winter photos.

However, just like any other season, winter has its cons, too. Most roads are closed as well as almost all facilities. Getting safe access may be timely, challenging, and expensive. Also, the bears are in hibernation during winter, and wildlife, in general, might not be as rich as during the warmer months.

Visiting Yellowstone in the Spring: pros and consYellowstone Tour - Deer

Life slowly starts to come back to its full glory in Yellowstone National Park in spring. The first spring flowers emerge from the snow accompanied by young green grass, creating amazing scenes in different parts of the park. The entire park looks fresh and smells like heaven as nature prepares to start a new season.

Spring may be the best time to book a Yellowstone tour if you’re into wildlife watching because this is when the adorable babies start to emerge. The chubby bear cubs tumbling down the park, and the bison calves strolling next to their parents will melt away every animal lover’s heart. You will be able to watch the animals and their babies without having to mess with a big crowd. With very few visitors, the park is almost empty compared to summer.

As for the cons, spring can come with tricky weather: too cold for summer fun, and too hot for winter attractions. Planning may also be a little challenging due to the unpredictable weather and the fact that facilities like lodges are only open on staggered schedules.

Visiting Yellowstone in the Summer: pros and cons

morning glory yellowstoneMany people believe summer is the best time to visit Yellowstone. If you’re an adventurer who doesn’t mind crowds and busy roads, it may be your best choice, too. There are many reasons why Yellowstone is so crowded in the summer. It is the season when the park is most accessible, and the scenery is reaching its peak with breathtaking wildflowers, wide-open blue skies, and vibrant sunsets and sunrises.

With so many people around, it’s hard to see any wildlife during the day, but if you take a walk at dusk or dawn, you will get lucky with amazing sights. The animals are most active during the early mornings and evenings, and wildlife enthusiasts enjoy watching various species and taking amazing photographs.

The cons of visiting the park in summer have a lot to do with the crowds. Busy roads and crowded boardwalks can easily spoil the fun for some people. If you’re one of them and thinking when to visit Yellowstone, it’s probably best to avoid going in the summer.

Visiting Yellowstone in the Fall: pros and consVisit Yellowstone

For those looking to take gorgeous photos of Yellowstone, the best time to visit is definitely during fall. The children have already gone back to school and the parents have gone back to their routine working schedules so the park is free from the summer crowd. The entire region of Yellowstone looks like it’s taking a much-needed break from millions of visitors.

The animals have spent the summer feasting on the rich lands of the park, and they are in their best shape in the fall. The spring babies are no longer babies, but young, healthy, beautiful animals that take the most amazing photos without even trying. The males compete for the attention of the females and fight with other males, offering an exquisite view into nature’s pure rawness. The golden season allows you to see, experience, and memorize the most beautiful colors and sceneries.

However, the fall may not be the best time to go to Yellowstone for several reasons. The roads are starting to close, and so are the staggered lodges and facilities. You will also need to plan a lot if you want to see everything.

If you’re still wondering when is the best time to visit Yellowstone, think about your expectations. There is no such thing as a universal “best month to visit Yellowstone”. What’s amazing for the wildlife watcher may be boring for the adventurer.

Regardless of which season you choose, Tours4Fun offers trips to the park all year-round. Give us a call today to book your Yellowstone adventure!

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