Constance Prince Maurice, Mauritius

Constance Hotels & Resorts, a collection of hotels in the Indian Ocean, has announced the debut of its new brand — C Resorts.

Constance Hotels & Resorts currently operates in Mauritius, the Maldives, the Seychelles, Madagascar and Zanzibar. With the new brand, the group will introduce a collection of “vibrant, convivial, upper upscale lifestyle hotels” aimed at those who want to escape to a young paradise.

According to a statement, at C Resorts, guests will reconnect with their inner child and revive the true value of play in an environment that allows them to let go and relax.

“The cool, younger sister”

“C Resorts shares the same core values of excellence and inventiveness as Constance Hotels & Resorts but is the cool, younger sister, expressing its own personality through an atmosphere of fun and limitless creativity. We want it to be a place where guests can regain the free spirit of their youth and let go of their adult concerns,” said Jean-Jacques Vallet, CEO of the group.

The concept behind the brand, Nature’s Playground, offers 12 original guest experiences – the Cignatures – that will differentiate a holiday at C Resorts.

These include grown-up swings scattered throughout the grounds; a giant musical shower on the beach; an outdoor fitness studio using equipment made from natural materials; sociable group hikes; endless games and giant floating mattresses; and party nights on the beach until the moonrise.

C Mauritius
C Mauritius

The first hotel, C Mauritius, opening on the eastern coast of the island, will have a soft opening on 15 December and will be fully operational in March 2019. The inaugural property will embody the concept and will be the prototype for all other new properties opening under the brand.

Constance aims to open two C Resorts each year over the next five years and is looking to expand the brand throughout the Indian Ocean, Africa and Southeast Asia.

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