With employees always on the lookout for new opportunities to develop their life experiences as much as their career, the responsibility of human resources to find, develop and retain a business’ workforce becomes more and more challenging.

Especially so,  with the increasing importance given to gender equality, LGBTQ issues and the work/life balance demanded by the Millennial generation.

One company making waves in recruitment is tech firm Amadeus, who have seen their strategy of investing in company culture pay dividends when they were awarded the officially recognised by the Top Employers Institute as a Top Employer 2019 for ‘excellence in employee conditions’ at the end of last year.

To find out more I spoke to Pablo Alonso, the company’s human resources director in APAC, about how Amadeus does HR.

TD: What are the biggest challenges (if any) in seeking and retaining talent in the industry in Asia?

PA: Amadeus is present in over 190 countries and the Asia Pacific is one of our core markets. Asia Pacific’s travel industry is growing at an unprecedented pace and a key growth region for Amadeus. We promote a culture of respect, openness and passion for our work and we believe that is the main factor of retaining talent within our company.

How do you find the right fit and relevant talent for your team?

Our competitiveness depends on our ability to continue attracting and retaining the best talent at Amadeus. Over the years of operating in the Asia Pacific, a lot of colleagues have grown their careers and skill-sets with Amadeus.

Therefore we have a strong internal pipeline of talent to combine with the addition of new team members from the Travel and Tech industries. We are looking for people who are constant learners and the right fit and culture. Culture is the key factor.

Work culture

“…sponsoring and participating in hackathons”

We use social media channels to proactively share what it is like to work at Amadeus and continue to expand our strategic relationships with universities, participating in recruitment fairs around the world while also sponsoring and participating in hackathons. Our colleagues in India, for example, encourage employees to get involved in external hackathons – they have participated in more than 10 hackathons, winning 2 of them.

Gender diversity

“19 women’s networks globally”

Furthermore, we have signed an agreement with Inspiring Girls International, an international organisation dedicated to raising the aspirations of girls around the world by connecting them with female role models. The initial agreement is for Spain, but we aim to pursue agreements in several other areas where the foundation operates.

Our Amadeus Women’s Networks continue to thrive, with 19 women’s networks globally. The networks provide a platform for women to get together, with the goal of enhancing the professional development and career evolution of women at Amadeus, as well as improve work–life balance.

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