Currys PC world has recreated posters of some of the most characteristic and known videogames as holiday destinations. The piece also includes travel guides for each location highlighting the key areas that you could visit.

The Game Travel Posters campaign takes seven game worlds and imagines them as travel destinations. From Zelda’s Hyrule to the alligator-infested bayous of Red Dead Redemption 2, there’s something for everyone: whether you like art, games, travel – or all three.

Here are few of the posters explaining the choice of locations and a few words from the artist, illustrator Marta Colmenero:

Nuketown (Call of Duty series)

It’s an iconic multiplayer map, one of the most famous in the Call of Duty series. It would have been a dereliction of duty not to riff on it in the campaign.

The USSR version of the map, which appears in 2018’s Black Ops IV, made the cut as a fresh take on the Roswell-esque scene depicted in the older games.

Did you know?

Nuketown was inspired by the film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

It is based on the scene when Jones comes across a nuclear testing site which is about to be obliterated by a nuclear bomb.

Columbia (Bioshock Infinite, 2012)

Columbia is a floating city in the clouds kept afloat by “quantum levitation”. No, that doesn’t actually mean anything in practice, but it does give Ken Levine and his team an excuse to dream big.

Levine is one of gaming’s most inventive designers and creators. He came up with the underwater dystopia, Rapture, in Bioshock (2007) and in Columbia he ups the stakes, some more, stuffing the world with philosophical commentary. But more than anything, it just looks wonderful.

Did you know?

The city was commissioned by the United States government and founded by Zachary Hale Comstock as a symbol of American political and religious ideals.

Installation 04 (Halo: Combat Evolved, 2001)

Installation 04 is the setting for the most famous level in the Halo series, “The Silent Cartographer”.

It occurs in the fourth level of the very first game and sets the tone for the series as a whole: high paced action across beautifully realised environments.

Installation 04 was recreated in The Master Chief Collection, a full remastering of the first four games in the series, where the blue skies and yellow sands were emphasised further.

A word from the illustrator

On Installation 04, you’ll find yourself on a sandy paradise island, accented by futuristic architecture. When creating the poster, I wanted to highlight the beautiful views out to sea, bordered by a mountainous backdrop. With sand, snow, futuristic buildings and lush vegetation all in the same location, this isn’t somewhere you’d get bored!

Lagras (Red Dead Redemption 2, 2018)

Any number of areas could have made the cut in Rockstar’s astonishing sequel to Red Dead Redemption. In the end, Lagras is a humid, muddy, alligator-infested swathe of swampland that was never technically possible in the original game.

Powered by the Xbox One and PS4, the bayous in RDR 2 are so intense you can practically feel the humidity. Situated in a remote location, the people of Lagras live self-sufficiently for the most part. What little money they make is from fishing and acting as guides for travelers wishing to navigate the region.

A word from the illustrator

With dense vegetation and swampy surroundings, Lagras is well and truly at one with nature. While I wanted to demonstrate the peace and serenity of the place – ideal for those escaping the chaos of city life – it’s important to highlight the toothy neighbourhood alligators!

Did you know?

If you decide to hitch a train without paying the fare, you will be hunted by the local police. You can go cheap by hitching a ride from one of the many strangers on their carts though.

More information

Other videogame  destinations in the campaign include Fortnite’s Paradise Palms hotel, for those looking for azure pool water, palm trees and sunny skies, and Legend of Zelda’s Hyrule for people who enjoy climbing mountains and riding horses.

You can view all the posters including their travel guides here.

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