Ma Thiên Lãnh Valley has a poetic natural landscape. — Photo

Lâm Giang

Ma Thiên Lãnh Valley in the southern province of Tây Ninh has a wild, fanciful, poetic natural landscape with many mysterious legends. This place promises to bring you unique and new experiences.

Ma Thiên Lãnh lies among three large mountains: Mt Bà Đen, Mt Heo and Mt Phụng Mountain in Thạnh Tân Commune, Tây Ninh City.

The valley, a harmonious combination of nature, mountains, forests, rivers and lakes, has become an eco-tourism destination attracting many tourists. 

This is an ideal time to explore Ma Thiên Lãnh. The climate here is extremely fresh and pleasant, so it will be more favourable for trekking, sightseeing, and photo shoots.

The road to Ma Thiên Lãnh Valley. — Photo

Starting from HCM City, we went along National Highway 22A until we saw Trảng Bàng Junction, then turned right onto provincial Road 782.

We continued to move about 50km more to reach Tây Ninh Town. Here, we just needed to go straight along the 3km asphalt road connecting Road 782 to Mt Phụng and then run through a small road to the valley.

To discover the full beauty of the valley, we had to walk and trek through trails of mountains and forests, which were full of giant rocks, and countless steep and dangerous slopes one after another. Although the road was full of difficulties and challenges, we were still delighted to see the mountainous landscape, diverse vegetation with many rare species of wood trees, and the murmuring stream and birds chirping.

The first sight on the way to discover the valley was Golden Stream. As soon as we set foot here, we heard the murmuring stream, like forest music. In front of our eyes was a beautifully natural picture with stone slabs of different strange shapes.

The high and low terrain from those rocks had created small waterfalls with clear, cool water mixed with the green space of the mountains and forests. We seemed to be lost in a poetic and charming watercolour painting.

Tourists rest at Golden Stream. — Photo

Tây Ninh’s Núi Đá Lake is located in the middle of the primaeval forest of Ma Thiên Lãnh Valley. In the past, this place was originally used for quarrying lime stone, but now it has been abandoned and has become a famous scenic spot. Cliffs surround the lake. The lake’s panorama is like a blue gem in the valley’s heart, wearing a peaceful and poetic beauty.

Coming to the valley, we had the opportunity to explore Mt Bà Đen, known as the “Roof of the South”, with an altitude of to 986m above sea level.

From a distance, the mountain seems hidden under the white clouds in the deep blue sky. You can walk every step on the mountainside, admire the scenery and conquer the “Roof of the South”. There is also a cable car service leading to the top.

You can buy tickets to sit in a car to watch the vast and rich vegetation from above. When taking the cable car to the top of the mountain, you can also visit the spiritual architectural complexes such as Phật Pagoda, Hạ Pagoda, Hang Pagoda, Bà Đen and Vân Sơn Pagoda without effort to climb each step.

Camping at Ma Thiên Lãnh Valley. — Photo

Looking down from the top of Mt Bà Đen, Ma Thiên Lãnh Valley looks like a giant basin covered with green by a vast old forest. Adorning the impressive beauty are countless precious old trees. Local residents also grow many kinds of fruit trees here, such as mango, rambutan, banana and guava, to increase the richness of this land.

Coming to Ma Thiên Lãnh, we not only could discover new places and mingle with nature but also enjoy many delicious dishes such as Trảng Bàng rice noodle soup, pomelo spring rolls, thèo lèo (like peanut candy) and chùm ruột (a kind of fruit) jam.

Trảng Bàng rice noodle soup. — Photo

Welcome to Ma Thiên Lãnh to enjoy the wild beauty of the valley. VNS

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