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As 2018 draws to a close, On The Go Tours has devised an interactive map detailing the most popular Christmas markets that Europe has to offer.

As the Christmas festivities get well under way, a seasonal favourite takes place in many of the cities and towns across Europe — the Christmas market. If the twinkling lights, the mulled wine stalls and the unique gift offerings don’t have you reaching into your pockets to capture the perfect candid photo, then the funfair rides or Christmas displays will surely do the trick.

There are over 800 million active users on Instagram, so will you be amongst those rushing to the photo sharing platform to share your festive memories? The hashtag #ChristmasMarket has been used over 120 million times, and even more are expected to emerge this season as Europe heads out in huge numbers to participate in this favoured tradition.

The King of Christmas Markets

Manchester, England - Christmas Market
Manchester, England

The hashtag #manchesterchristmasmarkets has been used a staggering 31,059 times, making Manchester the clear winner and the most instagrammable Christmas market of them all.

When it comes to countries across Europe, England takes the Christmas Market Crown. Not only does the most popular Christmas market on the list reside here, but five markets landing places in the top 10 list all hail from England. Bath Christmas Market, Birmingham Christmas Market, Lincoln Christmas Market, and Winter Wonderland take 3rd, 7th, 8th and 10th spots, respectively.

Edinburgh, Scotland - Christmas Market
Edinburgh, Scotland

Scotland takes the 2nd place spot with the Edinburgh Christmas Market — the hashtag #edinburghchristmasmarket has been used over 18,800 times. Another Scottish Christmas market lands a spot on the top 25 list; Glasgow Traditional Christmas Market is 21st in the ranks.

Out of the 25 markets featured, Germany and England are the countries that have the most Christmas markets, with six each including #colognechristmasmarket in Cologne, Germany, #sternschnuppenmarkt in Wiesbaden, Germany, and #exeterchristmasmarket in Exeter, England.

Using a selection of seed lists, the top 25 Christmas markets were searched for on Instagram which revealed the number of times the hashtag was used worldwide.

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