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A new study by Best Western Great Britain has revealed that Generation Z travellers have visited more overseas destinations in the last five years than they have in the UK.

According to the research that analysed travel trends in the UK, people between 18 and 24 years old have seen more destinations abroad than they have in the UK. This generation, on average, has visited four places overseas, while only visiting two locations in their home country.

In general, one in four people surveyed (25%) said they have visited three UK destinations in the past five years, while a similar amount (24%) said that they haven’t visited any overseas destinations.

The study also concluded that people aged over 55 years are the most likely to have not visited a destination abroad in the last five years (29%). This decision could be down to the price difference between the UK and international break, with this age group stating price as the main influence that persuades them to visit a UK tourist destination instead.

The research also explored Brits’ major motivations for choosing their holiday destinations. Over half (57%) of those in Yorkshire stated that they are most influenced by price when considering a vacation – just higher than the national average of 54%.

The data revealed the holiday habits of the nation and the main influences on their choice of holiday destinations. The top 10 influences on booking a UK break are:

  • Price (54%)
  • Attractions/landmarks (52%)
  • Views (49%)
  • Hotels / accommodation (39%)
  • Weather (39%)
  • Food and drink (29%)
  • Culture (23%)
  • Accessibility i.e. good transport links (22%)
  • Proximity to home (19%)
  • Nostalgia (19%)

Rob Paterson, CEO at Best Western Great Britain, said: “It was fascinating to learn which factors Brits consider the most when choosing where to travel.

“Sometimes we can be guilty of prioritising overseas travel and forgetting about the wonderful places closer to home. Staycations allow you to get away and explore our beautiful country, without the usual high costs and stress of travelling abroad. There is more to explore in Great Britain so for your next holiday, why not consider visiting some of our own brilliant destinations?”

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