With its stunning beaches, well-preserved ruins, sun-bleached villages and fresh Mediterranean cuisine, Greece makes for an ideal getaway. One of the more affordable parts of Europe, this magical country is a popular best value destination and beautiful year round. Find amazing deals right now for tours and travel packages. Here’s a guide to get you started on planning your ultimate Greek vacation in 2020!

Things to Do in Athens

Athens Acropolis toursAs the capital of Greece, Athens is a great starting point for a variety of unforgettable adventures throughout the Greek Isles, the Balkans, Italy and beyond. Mixing ancient ruins and modern hot spots, this vibrant city offers a wealth of attractions.

See the world-famous Acropolis, an ancient city on a hill constructed from gleaming white marble in the 5th century BC. Visit its Parthenon, dedicated to the goddess Athena and considered the finest temple in the ancient world. Be sure to beat the crowds with an early access pass that also includes admission to the Acropolis Museum, a new building exhibiting artifacts from the surrounding areas.

Athens is also teeming with delicious restaurants, fascinating streets and charming shops. Experience the city by moonlight on a walking tour starting in Syntagma Square, the heart of Athens. See the Acropolis lit up for the evening in the distance as you stroll through the city’s districts. The tour ends in modern Psyrri for a glass of rakomelo and plate of mezedes. For more delicious Greek cuisine, try a two-and-a-half hour guided Food & Culture Walking Tour where you’ll sample Greek coffee, pastries and other popular local dishes.

Day Trips from Athens

Meteora tourDiscover a wealth of UNESCO-listed archeological sites, just a short distance from Athens. Visit Olympia, the ancient birthplace of the Olympic Games, where you can walk through ruins of the stadium where athletes competed almost 3,000 years ago. Then, see the Temple of Zeus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Try a Two-Day Olympia and Epidaurus Tour, which includes a visit to an ancient Greek theater.

Located on Mount Parnassus about 112 miles (180 km) from Athens, Delphi is another must-see destination and is home to two popular attractions—the Sanctuary of Apollo, a large complex of fascinating ruins, and the Archaeological Museum, which showcases statues and artifacts recovered from the area. Delphi often takes a full day to visit and is best seen with a guide. Try a two-day tour that includes Meteora, one of the most beautiful areas in Greece and home to two cliff-top Byzantine monasteries, built on top of rock towers providing fantastic views. Or, travel to Meteora by train from Athens on a day-long guided tour.

Island Hopping Cruises Through the Greek Isles

Greece is home to 6,000 islands and islets scattered in the Aegean and Ionian Seas, 227 of which are inhabited. Experience a daylong cruise or ferry ride to some of its largest and most beautiful islands. For the ultimate trip, try a seven-day, nine-day or 11-day Greek island hopping adventure to some of these hot spots:


Formed by a collapsed volcanic crater, Santorini is a long, steep and colorful island with some of the most Instagram-worthy spots in Greece. Stroll on a black sand beach in Perissa or snap photos of Red Sand Beach. Experience the stunning cliffside town of Fira with its whitewashed houses, narrow streets, open-air cafes and glittering boutiques, accessible by cable-car or by donkey ride. Head north to the iconic town of Oia, famous for its whitewashed, adobe-style houses topped with bright azure domes. No day in Santorini is complete without enjoying its legendary sunset.

Try a four-day vacation package to Santorini from Greece. Or, for a truly romantic getaway, enjoy the seven-day Athens and Santorini Honeymoon Gold Package.


Renowned for its beautiful beaches and bustling nightlife, Mykonos is a great place to soak up some sun with a cocktail in one hand and a book in another. Its popular Paradise Beach lives up to its name and is the perfect place to relax. Head to historic Mykonos Town, known locally as Chora, to wander through postcard-worthy streets full of whitewashed cottages with brightly painted doors. No visit to Mykonos is complete without seeing its famous windmills from the days when the island used wind power to grind grain. While at the windmills, enjoy an amazing panoramic view of Mykonos Town and the surrounding beach.

To savor Mykonos and spend some time getting to the know the island, try a Four-Day Mykonos Island Vacation from Athens.


A stop on numerous multiday island hopping adventures, Paros is a model Mediterranean island with beautiful beaches and interesting shops. Enjoy an evening stroll through Parikia town, which includes the famous Church of 100 Doors. Finish your perfect day with a classic Greek dining experience that includes dancing and smashing plates. Paros is also a great spot from which to enjoy daylong snorkeling and swimming trips.

A white sand beach on IosIos

The final resting place of the poet Homer, Ios is accessible via a four-hour ferry ride from Athens or as part of some multiday Greek Isles cruise tours. Home to beautiful beaches, this stunning island is also a great place to enjoy water sports such as tubing, scuba diving, kayaking, or stand up paddle boarding.


Located on the Ionian Sea, this lush island is heavily populated with olive trees, fruit groves and cypresses. Throughout history, Corfu has been home to the Venetians, French, British, Austrians, Russians and more–and its eclectic old town reflects its many influences. Enjoy strolling through the pedestrian-friendly, European-style town or visit its numerous stately palaces. One of the most peaceful spots is Pontikonis, a scenic islet featuring a small monastery and chapel. Or, take in Corfu’s gorgeous landscape with a hike along the 137 mile (220km) Corfu Trail.

Palace of Knossos CreteCrete

Greece’s biggest island, Crete, is practically its own state and features an abundance of attractions. Historically, the island was home to the Minoans, an ancient civilization that peaked around 1950 BC and was the earliest advanced European civilization, predating the ancient Greeks in Athens. Discover a variety of Minoan ruins along with scenic mountains, relaxing beaches and dramatic gorges, including the famous Samaria Gorge. No visit to Crete would be complete without drinking Tsikoudia or Raki, a grape-based brandy originating from the east side of the island.

For more trip ideas and things to do in Greece, click here.

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