Mud festival

EARTH is one of Mother Nature’s most magical fleets of engineering. So great in fact, we named our planet after it.

In earth, you can grow food to feed a nation and build homes upon it to house families. Earth also grows the plants that provide us with fresh oxygen to live. It deserves a round of applause at the very least.

When the heavens open, earth transforms into mud which provides endless fun for those looking for a natural healing solution or perhaps festival-goers who think normal wrestling needs a mucky twist.


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South Korea has one of Asia’s biggest mud events. The Boryeong Mud Festival on Daecheon beach is held for an entire week in July every year and attracts thousands of international visitors looking to relive their muddy-puddle jumping days, with a bit more of an adult theme.

Festival-goers can expect to soak up the muddy atmosphere in a series of events, from giant mud bath swimming, mud obstacle marathons, mudslides (not the cocktail type), as well as a muddy hip pop rave party and a mud beauty festival.

One-day passes are on sale for around US$9 (KRW10,000), and don’t worry about going home muddy as there will be wash-down stations at the festivals.



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However, mud doesn’t just have to be thrown around by party animals and rolled about in to win messy competitions.

Mud also has magical healing properties. Certain types of mud and clay are full of minerals that can absorb any excess oil and non-abrasively exfoliate dead skin, leaving your skin feeling baby smooth.

New Zealand has one of the world’s most renowned natural mud spring retreats. At Hell’s Gate Geothermal Park and Mud Bath Spa, you couldn’t be further from hell.

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A day at this resort will leave you feeling like you’ve been to heaven and learned all the secret beauty tips straight from God.

Boiling mud, spewing geysers, steaming fumaroles, and gushing 40-degree waterfalls make it too hot to dive right in, but take a tour of the geological phenomena before making full use of the extensive spa at the park.

Milky Way Lagoon on the small South Pacific island of Palau is one of the only places on earth you can find mysterious white limestone mud which is believed to hold the key to ultimate beauty.

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The tiny island found off the coast of the Philippines is blanketed in lush rainforest and surrounded by crystal waters. The setting alone is enough cast your mental wellbeing into a state of relaxation and locals claim that coating yourself in white limestone and plunging into the topical spring will leave you looking 10 years younger.

When’s the next flight leaving?

Whichever way you like to enjoy your mud time, make sure you’re safe. Don’t go jumping into springs without authorization and don’t just assume that any old muddy puddle has purifying powers.

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