If you’re asking yourself, “Why should I visit Asia’s center of technological innovation, stunning skyscrapers, luxury boutiques, enchanting culture and vibrant nightlife?”, we say go for the food.

Among all the exciting offerings of South Korea’s capital, one of the trendiest cities in the world, Seoul really knows how to put on a feast for the millions of visitors that stroll into the ancient walled city each year.

The city has a versatile and abundant culinary scene, bursting with spices especially in the form of smell-it-before-you-see-it kimchi, a fermented cabbage dish served alongside almost every South Korean meal.

Then there’s traditional Korean barbeque, a carnivore’s dream involving diners cooking up heaps of tasty meat including pork belly (samgyeopsal) and tender beef (bulgogi) to their liking. It’s then topped with kimchi and other fermented and stir-fried vegetables (banchan) and wrapped in a piece of lettuce for the tastiest food parcel you’re ever likely to have.

Also worth mentioning is bibimbap, white rice topped with a rainbow of vegetables; juk, nourishing Korean rice pudding; and tteok, moreish sticky rice cakes filled with bean or nut pastes.

Of course, there’s always more to try. The list is endless with plenty of fusion cuisines being added to South Korean menus by the day as locals and travelers ride the culinary crest of the Hallyu wave.

Seoul is neither short of a bustling food market nor does it shy away from fine dining options with 24 Michelin-starred restaurants in the city. This versatile blend of traditional meets contemporary is perhaps best displayed in Seoul’s high-end Gangnam district so if you’re looking to enhance your foodie tour of Seoul with a fantastic hotel stay, then look no further than Gangnam’s Hotel Cappuccino.

Hotel Cappuccino

With a motto like “A happy stay makes a lasting impression,” you know you’re in for a guest-focused vacation. You won’t have to worry about missing out on any delicious delights while you’re in the hotel either as it’s been named in The Michelin Guide, Seoul for two years running.

This is because Hotel Cappuccino boasts two vibrant eateries, excellent in-room dining service, and a gin-focused rooftop bar, perfect for sipping under the stars and planning tomorrow’s Seoul adventure.

Hotel Cappuccino sets itself apart from other quirky hotels in the trendy Gangnam district because of these taste buds-stimulating food and beverage options, alongside its uniquely designed rooms and thoughtful brand ethos.

Its ethos can be savored in every dish listed on Hotel Cappuccino’s menus, especially in the constantly creative Restaurant Hot Eatsue on the 17th floor.

Restaurant Hot Eatsue pays homage to classic Korean dishes and Seoul’s eclectic street food scene while playfully combining international tastes to serve comfort foods in a casual setting that boasts views over Gangnam and across the N Seoul Tower.

Restaurant Hot Eatsue. Hotel Cappuccino

*Hotel guests and inquisitive walk-in diners will have a tough choice deciding between aromatically Asian favorites including spicy Thai coconut curry with crab and Japanese cold soba with abalone and natto.

There are also bolder, more experimental dishes to get your palate in a frenzy, such as soy-flavored wagyu steak with rice a tarako pasta topped with salted pollack roe. But if the thought of Korean barbeque had you salivating earlier, then we recommend going to the Cappuccino Grill Platter to binge on shrimp, pork belly, pork chops, ribeye steak, and lamb.

Restaurant Hot Eatsue also caters to those with more of an inclination for liquor than solids with a late night light bites menu for patrons of the Rooftop Bar Gintoneria, also on the 17th floor. If this is more your scene, be prepared to taste bar snacks as you’ve never before: Spam fries with grilled sausage, garlic fried chicken, fried crispy rice, prosciutto, and vegetable sticks.

You can still call yourself a foodie, even if you’re more interested in sampling Hotel Cappuccino’s fine selection of premium gins, unique tonics, and imaginative garnishes.

If you find yourself nursing a gin-induced hangover the next morning and can’t seem to scoot out of your cozy bed or jump into the chic showers and lather yourself in the eco-friendly bath products by STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME!, call down to reception for a Bed Tray. This way, you can stay in bed, take full advantage of Hotel Cappuccino’s complimentary WiFi, and snack on dishes from Restaurant Hot Eatsue, the Rooftop Bar, and Caffe Cappuccino.

Room Service. Hotel Cappuccino

However, if you’re an early bird who managed to resist the often irresistible pull of Gangnam’s thrilling nightlife and want to grab a spot of breakfast before heading out to explore the city, grab an Anthracite coffee and a homemade croissant from Caffe Cappuccino on the first floor.

Apart from being a seriously cool hotel in Seoul’s trendiest district that dishes up the tastiest treats, Hotel Cappuccino also operates creating shared value programs throughout the property.

One way the hotel gives back to the local and global communities is through the Earn & Giveaway box containing extra amenities for guests. However, if the box is left untouched for the duration of the stay, guests can use the voucher on top to donate to Water.org.

A stay at Hotel Cappuccino promises to amaze, delight and inspire you, either through its menus, brilliant location, caring philosophy or curiously comfortable beds, so why not book a stay today?

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