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FINDING the right accommodation, be it a room, a studio apartment, or an entire house is a big part of traveling because you would want to be as comfortable as possible.

This goes beyond air-conditioning or heater, a shower with hot water, and clean sheets.

Thankfully, with Airbnb in the mix and its philosophy of creating a more authentic travel experience by pairing travelers with livable spaces we can all connect with, you can search and opt for a room or a property which will make you feel right at home.

But there are tens of thousands of choices out there so how do you go about knowing which Airbnb is right for you? Here are some quick tips:

Know your type

You could be wasting a lot of time blindly searching for a place to stay. Luckily, Airbnb has filters which allow you to search using all kinds of criteria such as the number of bedrooms, facilities, and even places suitable for families or work trips.

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Traveling with your significant other and kids in tow? Check out places which have been highly rated by other families with facilities like a kitchen and a TV. For the traveling professionals, Airbnb will recommend you places with a work desk and WiFi.

Communicate lots with your host

There is nothing scarier than creepy hosts. Considering the fact that you will either be sharing a space with a stranger or knowing that your host will have access to your space always, it is a given that you must get to know your host before you check-in.

Have conversations and ask questions so you can suss out the kind of host he or she is. If your host is particularly rude, sleazy, or slow to respond, you may need to look elsewhere.

Also, really pore over as many reviews as you can. It will give you a broader picture of not just your host but the accommodation too.

More than words and pictures

Scoring the perfect Airbnb for you is beyond just reviews, price, and pretty pictures. It also depends on your other traveling needs such as your itinerary.

Although you will not get the exact address of the accommodation until you book it, Airbnb has a handy map feature which shows you the neighborhood so you can check out the restaurants, public transportation links, shops, and other facilities in the area you are considering.

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From here, you will be able to plan your travels better.

Check the fine print

Not all Airbnb spaces will have the same regulations or facilities. Thus, it is imperative that you read the fine print to avoid getting caught off-guard or disappointment. What is the policy for cancellations? Can you bring extra guests? Is there ample parking? Will there be WiFi? What are the check in and out times?

Read it all the way until the end of the page. Your future self will thank you for it.

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