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TRAVEL has been a big contributor to sustainability that needs to be addressed, and there are many commonly overlooked things that you as a traveler can do to ensure that your trips are eco-friendly.

Granted, there will be things that are not within your control while you are on the road. But there are some things you can do to ensure you show your destination the same amount of love and respect as you would back home.

Agoda shares tips on how to actively become a more conscious, responsible traveler. Here are some ideas to minimize water, fuel and energy consumption, and travel more sustainably.

Drive less, walk more

Source: Agoda

Bangkok Tree House, Thailand sits proudly in Bangkok’s so-called “Green Lung”, an apt nickname for the government protected oasis that is Bang Krachao. The hotel is constructed with eco-friendly materials, powered by natural energy sources, and committed to a clean environment.

Its commitment stretches further by purposely not building a driveway from the main road along the path leading up to the property, instead, this city-based oasis encourages you to get on your bike and go explore the area.

Battle of bottles

You will find a great number of Agoda’s partners committed to reducing plastic waste. Take Ibis Singapore on Bencoolen hotel, which no longer provides plastic mineral bottled water, and instead offers water from a special filtration system.

This action has reduced waste of more than 6,000 single-use plastic mineral water bottles a year. Additionally, more and more hotels globally now provide bath amenities (soap, shampoo, conditioner) in refillable dispensers instead of stocking individual size toiletries.

Switch off

Source: Agoda

Do not just switch off mentally, turn off the aircon too. Did you know that a typical hotel releases about 160kg of CO2/m2 of floor area, equivalent to about 10 tons per guestroom? Instead, forego the glaring indoor lights and blasting aircon and make the most of escaping to the beach and enjoy the sunshine and sea breeze.

Recognized as a top eco lodge by National Geographic Traveler, the villa’s design at Six Senses Con Dao, Vietnam features floor-to-ceiling glass windows to allow guests basking on sunshine and enjoying natural sea breeze encouraging less usage of aircon and lights.

Get involved in environmentally focused activities

Crystal Creek Meadows Villa, Kangaroo Valley, Australia, is the winner of the Advanced EcoTourism Certification in 2005, the Qantas Australian Tourism Award for Excellence in Sustainable Tourism in 2009 and 2013 and TripAdvisor Green Leader in 2016.

It invites guests to “plant a tree” to help ongoing efforts to provide a habitat for native birds and wildlife such as brush-tailed rock-wallabies and wombats during their visit.

Support local and eco-friendly businesses when traveling

Source: Agoda

The Dusun’s story started in 1984 as a family retreat in Seremban, Malaysia. Since 2010 it has been operating as a nature resort, expanding from two houses to five, and accommodating up to 15 guests.

The founding family nurtures a bond with the local community, hiring staff from nearby villages and supporting local entrepreneurs and other socially responsible businesses within the area.

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