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THE Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Krabi Office is launching its “Krabi Premium” marketing concept aimed at delivering the best of the best of Krabi.

It offers meaningful experiences to tourists to hopefully stimulate spending and generate additional revenue for local communities in the province.

The initiative also aims to promote responsible tourism while encouraging the exchange of ideas between the locals, tourists and tourism operators on how to promote the concept both locally and to domestic and international tourists.

For the uninitiated, Krabi is a province characterized by craggy, sheer limestone cliffs, dense mangrove forests, and more than a hundred offshore islands on southern Thailand’s west coast.

TAT Krabi Office director Apichai Aranyig said the “Krabi Premium” concept started off as a project to entice more domestic tourists, both Thai and expatriates living in Thailand, to Krabi through the launch of We are Krabi and its bookcaze websites.

“The concept is now expanding to cover all potential markets. Through partnerships with tour operators and hotels, international tourists will know more of what can be experienced in Krabi while Thai tourists will know they are welcomed all-year-round. This averts misconceptions that hotels and tourism operators in Krabi only want Thai tourists during the low season,” Apichai said.

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“The concept is also meant to encourage hotels, tourism operators and Krabi locals to be good hosts and treat tourists like family members coming for a visit. By viewing tourists this way, they will want to make sure all visitors have memorable experiences,” he added.

According to Mr. Apichai, the concept is not about selling high-end or expensive products but is focusing on promoting experiences based on the treasures of “Krabi Premium: Emerald of the Andaman” whereby emerald represents lush green forests, mountains, and islands as well as the turquoise of the sea.

The line-up for Krabi Premium includes:

  • Attractions: Krabi boasts 154 islands plus three national parks including Hat Noppharat Thara-Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park as well as five unique local communities.
  • Accommodation: Krabi is home to multiple world-class hotels, and more importantly, many hotels in Krabi are known for their eco-friendly operations.
  • Thai food: This category lists authentic Krabi dishes and where to find them plus top restaurants and eateries.

“Krabi is a cultural melting pot where people of different ethnic origins and beliefs co-exist in harmony. Tourists – domestic and international – can learn more about Krabi’s history while experiencing the provincial way of life at the five local communities who are ready to welcome visitors with open arms,” Apichai explained.

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In addition, Krabi is known for its environment-friendly, sustainable tourism values and is seen as a model ecotourism destination. In 2018, Krabi received Global Low-Carbon Ecological Scenic Spot honors at the 2018 Annual Session of Global Forum on Human Settlements and Sustainable Cities award ceremony, UNESCAP.

Krabi has also championed its campaign for “no single-use plastic, no foam containers” for over a year. This was practiced at several events including at the recent Krabi Naga Fest where vendors opted against single-use plastics while using solar energy or biodiesel fuels for electrical generation.

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