Working for the personnel department, caring for the material and spiritual life of other employees as well as nurturing the company culture is never a piece of cake…

Due to the fast-changing society, modern workers seem to lose interest in traditional types of compensation and benefits. As a result, some HR departments are struggling to find an optimal solution to employee retention and turnover rate.

If you are facing the same problem, incentive travel plans are your supreme answer. Let’s explore the reasons with us down below.

Incentive Travel Packages Foster Retention And Commitment

Without a shadow of a doubt, company prosperity relies on the talent it possesses. As the backbone of an organization, it is the responsibility of HR staff to maintain the number of brilliant individuals for the company.

A widely used and also effective means of employee retention is rewarding. Incentive travel is included in that category too. But the difference between incentive trips and the rest is the former demonstrates a deeper understanding of the top leaders towards frontline works.

Read How Incentive Travel Trip Can Drive Your Revenue to know why

A proper reward will make the labor force feel recognized and appreciated, as a result, decreasing the likelihood of job-hopping.

According to an Oxford Economics report, 80% of executives agreed that employee morale and job satisfaction positively changed after their employees got an incentive trip. Thus, incentive travel packages prove long-lasting results in terms of employee loyalty and commitment rather than a cash bonus.

Incentive Trips Can Be An Productive Tool To Boost The Company Image

Staff retention is not the only task of the HR team. As the company never ceases to grow, it is of the utmost importance to attract new talents. Another thing to note down is the fact that the higher the position, the less effective the mass recruitment.

This poses a major challenge for the personnel department to attract potential individuals so that they will flock to your company in the near future. And a well-planned incentive travel program can help you do this.

Most of the trustworthy tour agents offer media coverage services for company trips. Therefore, after the events, you will receive tons of materials like images, videos to put on the company websites as well as other social sites.

In addition, as the participants of the trip are entirely satisfied, their thoughts and feeling will help PR for the firms via word of mouth. If you arrange a rewarding vocation for top performers, other experts in their fields will also know. The chances are that plenty of greater talents will be enticed by your company’s C&B programs and come to you later.

Incentive Travel Can Fit All Budget

Although the ultimate purpose of incentive trips is rewarding and motivation, extravagant and high-priced services are not always the case. In fact, a perfect incentive journey should cater to the taste of a distinctive organization.

If you have generous financial funds for the rewarding vacation, we can help you put together an outstanding trip in Vietnam with luxurious accommodation, top-notch services, and exotic experiences. On the other hand, if you can’t splash the cash, a cozy expedition in which people have fun together in majestic destinations is also feasible and still does a great job to your business.

Furthermore, to draft an incentive travel package, there are a few things to take into account such as the duration of the holiday, the level of achievement that the participants of the trip have gained. The flexibility of a rewarding vacation makes it possible for all situations.

The Easiest Way To Have A Perfect Incentive Travel

To put a long story short, incentive travel is more tailormade for the employee while being affordable for the employer.

But compiling an ideal incentive travel arrangement can take much time and effort. This is due to the number of attendants (usually more than 50 pax) and the complexity of choosing destinations, arranging accommodation, producing ideas for activities, hosting collective games…

So, it’s better off connecting with a local tour agent. A whole package from A to Z helps you optimize the cost and avoid the risk of asymmetric information. Besides, expertise in organizing tours for large groups can predict and prevent possible incidents. So, you stay away from worries and burdens while carrying out a rewarding trip.

As a member of the HR department, if you can arrange a perfect incentive trip for your company, your career path will be absolutely promising.

If you have thought about incentive travel but don’t know how to realize that idea, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. Or you can leave a request on the link below so that our travel expert could reach out to your company.

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