Kafnu: challenging the ordinary?

Next Story Group launches a new brand of blended lifestyle spaces, Kafnu, with the opening of its first site, Kafnu Hong Kong at Kerry Hotel, on 3 October 2017.

Under its motto ‘Challenge the ordinary’, Kafnu’s primary focus is on the development of human potential and achievement while providing the tools, facilities and services to support personal objectives.

Named after the Himalayan basecamp, Kafnu is guided by the belief that ‘It takes a village…’ to help talented entrepreneurs, professionals, artists, and young scholars advance to the next level in their career or artistic realisation. Kafnu’s brand promise includes mentoring and scholarship programmes to make their dreams a reality.

All aspects of Kafnu, from its biophilic and feng shui led design principles to inter-connected micro sections of live, work, learn, play and rest areas are deliberately chosen to support creative development and self-expression whether in the artistic, technology, media or business field.

In addition to the space itself, complete with the latest IT systems, Kafnu provides professional support, mentorship and guidance to its members if and when needed. Together with organically occurring peer exchange and advice, Kafnu’s long-term aim is to create a snowball effect for a dynamic and growing ecosystem that will take the concept of ‘pay it forward’ and assist future creators and entrepreneurs, regardless of industry, age or experience-level.

Morris Sim, head of Kafnu and chief marketing officer of Next Story Group explains, ‘Kafnu’s core concept is to provide the spaces, tools, and services to bring together diverse groups of people to learn and support each other and ultimately attain advancement as an individual as well as a community.’

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