Responsible travel company Large Minority has opened bookings for the second ever India Rickshaw Challenge, an off-the-beaten-track charity event.

Happening from 20-29 September 2019, the event is designed to get participants out of their comfort zones and in the company of locals. Up to 20 teams, each with two or three adventurers, will negotiate 1,000km (621 miles) of Indian landscapes for the chance to be crowned as India Rickshaw Challenge champs.

South India’s Kerala region — better known for its beaches and spice covered hillsides — will play host to the madcap, charity-focused event.

“Rickshaw driving 101″

Co-founder of Large Minority, Julian Carnall, said: “Rickshaw driving 101 is mandatory on the first day of the challenge so complete novices are welcomed, indeed encouraged. Over the course of this truly unique ten-day trip, our challengers will learn to drive their rickshaws, negotiate the Indian road system, employ cunning and resourcefulness to get their challenges met and have a blast making lifelong friends from all over the world along the way.”

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Suitable for all fitness levels (ages 18 above), Carnall pointed out that while there is a competitive element, the event is not a race. For this reason, it’s the ideal entry point for those wishing to add adventure to their holidays.

“What better place than India”

Carnall added: “The India Rickshaw Challenge is a terrific option for newbies and seasoned adventurers alike. The format creates a level playing field and rewards enthusiasm over experience, and achievements over speed. There is a crack logistics and safety team nearby at all times and at the end of each day, our teams are welcomed into some quite luxurious accommodation to enjoy some top-notch cuisine.

“What better place than India to switch off, drop out and get down (and quite often) very dirty — then lovely and clean again — at the end of each day?”

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