While strolling up a dusty trail on a hill above the camel city of Pushkar in southern Rajasthan, India, we spotted dozens of grey langur frolicking around, springing from one rock to another and scampering across our path.

It's not that we were afraid. Having come across many types of monkeys during my travels in Asia and Africa I am used to them being around. However this time the friendliness of these light grey-haired primates was astonishing. Some of them were in small groups as families, some tiny ones suckling their mothers' breasts, as other singles sauntered, lounged and dozed. This was an ideal time for a picture taking exercise.

I needed to be absolutely casual while looking for a face that would make my screen come alive and an image my family would look at in later years sharing with me the closeness of nature. Continuing on my gingerly walk up, with eyes preened I spotted this lone ranger perched on the ledge by the side of the trail. This was the perfect candidate. The subject was not in the least bit bothered and rather bemused, flooding my thoughts with the wonders of the world we all live in as I put my eyes and finger to action.

When travelling, it's not unusual to run into many faces. While many just flash by, others linger on not just in your memory but also in your memory cards. It might be a person, an animal or even a non-living thing.

If you have taken a picture of such a face with a story you wish to share, a face with the eyes looking directly at the camera signifying that the shot was made not against their will, feel free to email the photo and a brief text to [email protected] By the way, the minimum file size is 2MB.

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