More than a theme water park for the young, Andamanda Phuket is where people of all ages can have a blast. The water park empire is in Kathu district, within easy reach of downtown Phuket and isn’t far from main tourist hubs like Phuket Old Town and Patong Beach. I begin my aquatic adventure at noon and stay until the water park closed at 7pm. After spending hours sliding and flowing, fun wasn’t the only thing I felt but also the flairs of Thai culture and mythology through the concept and design of Andamanda Phuket.

First impression

I got to the water park at midday, but what stunned me wasn’t the scorching sunlight — it was the grand entrance of Andamanda Phuket. The door to the water empire is a replica of the ancient kingdom, namely “The Lost Kingdom Of The Nagon”, an inspirational folk tale of struggle, friendship and ultimate triumph set amid the landscapes and seascapes of the Andaman coast. It looks stunning in ocean blue, accented by golden contrasts, with an eye-catching, massive Sala Thai-styled dome. At the Pearl Palace, the name of the main waterpark’s gate, there is also a souvenir shop and a locker room. Once you get a wristband or a waterproof digital wallet for purchasing F&B, and set foot in the water park, you will get another welcome by the massive mythical creature sculpture. It’s named Nagon and stands guard over the junction that leads to five fun-filled realms. Well, the beast is pretty friendly though, as it greets visitors with a big smile, inviting them to get some pics.

Slide the slides

My first visit is to the Great Andaman Bay, where I leave my belongings and get changed into something more beachy in a private aircon villa with a bathroom. With a rental fee of B7,000 throughout the day, the boat-shaped villa is also a wise choice if you don’t like soaking up the sun. I begin my slide adventure with Angle’s Slides of the Emerald Forest, which is the longest slide in Thailand, with a length of 550 metres. I walked up three levels from the ground while carrying my swimming tube into the building that wows with a stone temple facade and a red and blue candy-stripe slide sticking out. It made me freak out a bit when I was immediately dropped on the first steep slope of this water slide, and the rest was like taking a fun ride going up and down hills. Flights of the Kinnarees is another soul-dragging water slide in this zone. It’s a short, steep slide that leads you directly underwater into a deep pool.

After being tempted by the rush, I set my course for the most thrilling and scary one: Dragon’s Drop. The slide is tucked away in the Naga Jungle. I was dropped 90 degrees from the water tube with a trapdoor where I stood inside. It’s just in the blink of an eye when I fall, which, believe it or not, I couldn’t have a chance to say a word or scream. Racing Nagas is also worth checking out, where you can have a water slide race on a mat with your friends for up to six racers per round.

I took a break from all the adrenaline-rush water slides at Curving Caverns and Monkey’s Boat, where you can enjoy a leisurely ride inside a curvy tube. If you want to test your friendship, head over to Eagle Flyer. Form a group of four or more and get on an inflatable round raft, where you and your friends are floating on the sky-flowing river. You can try to move from side to side in order to control the raft as if you don’t have to back facing towards the sudden drop at the waterfall at the end of the slide.

Other aquatic experiences

Apart from all the water slides, Coral World, or the kid zone, is also a favourite among adults. Atoll Adventures offers a few kid-friendly water slides and a wet playground that is so chaotic with all the splashes and an overflowing water bucket drop. You can flow away at Rolling Ripples, where you can ride along a mysterious river hidden by cute magical creatures. If you’re an aspiring surfer, challenge yourself at Flow Rider. Head over to the Great Andaman Bay at sunset to bask in the glow of golden hours on a sandy man-made beach fringed with palm trees. The wave pool at the beach can generate waves up to 3m-high, which will soon be open to experienced wave riders. If you’re an aspiring surfer, challenge yourself at Flow Rider.

Dine ‘n’ drink

The Village, next to the kid zone, whips up comfort food. The dining area has pulled off in presenting Thainess through its interior. It replicates a classic Thai wooden house village surrounding a floating market, where the traditional Southern fishing boats, or koh lae boats, are docked. You can also catch a local Thai puppet theatre show, or nang talung, here, too. The Tropical Beach, which is a favourite place for surf and turf BBQ, stands out in the fishmonger’s house theme. Andamanda Phuket offers two swim-up bars where you can get juiced. The Sand bar at the Emerald Forest has a sandy backyard with swings, serving southern-inspired cocktails. The Wave bar is nestled next to a life-size replica of Koh Tapu, Thailand’s famous “James Bond Island”, offering drinks in a pirate theme.

Andamanda Phuket is running a soft-opening promotion, in which a ticket for kids and seniors costs B550 (from B1,000) and B850 (from B1,500) for adults. Visit

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