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SOMETIMES you just need a giant helping hand in life, and that’s exactly where the MonPère Travel Pillow comes in.

The hand-shaped pillow looks as though it’s creeping up on you, but in actual fact, it just wants to give you a big hug and help you achieve optimal napping on your travels.

Frequent travelers would know this: getting comfortable on long journeys can be a struggle, especially for those that get anxious about flying. If you finally do manage to drift, you can often wake up with a sore neck that has the potential to ruin the first few days of your holiday.


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But now Mon Père could change that – you don’t need to dread being awake and uncomfortable, while the rest of the travelers catch forty winks around you.

The pillow is basically shaped like a long arm with two hands. The linear shape ensures that your head remains on its axis, allowing you to gain a deeper, painless sleep. The solid silicone interior is covered with a soft cotton – so style and comfort are optimized.

It can be used in numerous ways:

These are just some of the ways that MonPère can be used. You can find your own unique comfortable position. Source: MonPère

The idea came to a family based in Montreal after they all suffered neck and back pains after sleeping on long journeys as they traveled the world.


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“I started working on MonPère as an extension of our family trips around the world. Seeing my daughter waking up in pain was awful, so I co-created the first and only sleep tool,” said Sylvain Bérubé a Montréal-based sports therapist and inventor of MonPère.

“It’s really far from a traditional travel pillow. Simply put – it’s developed to really support your head – not just bring you comfort.”

Sylvain is raising money for the prototype via funding campaign site, Kickstarter. Having already raised CA$18,631 the creators only need $16,369 to achieve the total needed, to get MonPère recognized as a travel essential.

So, get over to the Kickstarter, pledge some cash and get ready to buy your very own MonPère and be the coolest traveler in town.

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