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WITH the summer holidays fast approaching, Agoda reveals Tokyo, London, and Las Vegas continue to hold the top destination spots in 2019.

Japan dominates Asia Pacific travelers’ summer plans scooping six out of the top ten destinations this summer. Firm favorites Tokyo, Osaka, Okinawa Main Island, Kyoto, are joined this year by Sapporo and Fukuoka, knocking Singapore and Hong Kong out of the top 10 list.

Tokyo’s appeal as a hot destination isn’t limited to travelers from Asia, it sits in the top ten for travelers across all regions, with Agoda’s booking data showing Tokyo jump to the second spot for US travelers and fifth for Europeans this year.

While Asia-Pacific travelers are more likely to holiday “locally”, travelers from the Middle East, North America, and Europe are crossing continents for their summer break.

The fashion capitals of Europe, London and Paris are the top cities enticing Middle East travelers this year, while Rome, with its history and Italian chic, takes the third spot. Asian destinations are also inching up the list for Middle Eastern travelers, with Bali, and Tokyo joining Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur in this year’s top 10.

From exploring the great outdoors to discovering historical gems, Agoda shares some travel inspiration this summer for a range of travelers:


Japanese cities make up six of the top 10 destinations for Chinese travelers this summer with big cities Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto in the top three respectively, followed by Okinawa Main Island (fifth), Sapporo (sixth) and while entertainment city Nagoya comes in at eighth place.

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Regional destinations, including Hong Kong (fourth), Bangkok (seventh) and Singapore (ninth) complete the Chinese travelers’ top 10 list. China is ranked as a top 10 destination for Indonesian travelers in eighth spot this summer.


Domestic travel is dominating Indonesian travelers’ top 10 list of summer destinations with Bali (first), Yogyakarta (fourth), Bandung (sixth), Jakarta (ninth) and Malang (tenth).

Tokyo – a powerhouse destination among all Asia Pacific travelers this year – is also the top international destination for Indonesian holidaymakers, in second place of top 10 destinations.

Indonesia ranks as a top 10 destination for travelers across Asia Pacific, coming third in Thai travelers top 10, sixth among Korean travelers, and seventh place for travelers from China, Japan, Singapore, and Vietnam.


Japan dominates global summer destinations for 2019, coming in as the number one country to visit for travelers from China, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, and UAE. The country also features in the top 10 for other markets in Asia being second place for Indonesia and Thailand, and third for Vietnamese travelers.

In Europe and the Middle East, Agoda’s booking data puts Japan in fourth place for travelers from France, fifth for UK, sixth for Germany and for Israeli travelers the seventh spot.

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For Japanese travelers, six of the top ten cities are domestic destinations within Japan – Tokyo (first), Okinawa Main Island (second), Sapporo (third), Osaka (fourth), Fukuoka (ninth) and Kyoto (tenth). Top international destinations for Japanese travelers are Bangkok (fifth), Seoul (sixth), Oahu (seventh) and Taipei (eighth).


Jeju Island, known for its gorgeous beach resorts and majestic volcanoes, is the number one top destination for Korean travelers this summer.

Internationally, Vietnam and Japan are favorite summer destinations for Koreans, with Da Nang, Osaka, Okinawa Main Island, Tokyo, Sapporo and Fukuoka ranking second to sixth places respectively.

This summer, Korea also features as a top destination for global travelers being the second top destination for Taiwanese travelers, third for travelers from Japan, fifth for those from Thailand.
Meanwhile, Korea is within the top ten destinations for summer 2019 for travelers from Singapore (seventh), Indonesia (eighth), and Vietnam (ninth).


Southeast Asian travel is a clear summer travel trend for Singaporean travelers, with Bangkok, Bali and Kuala Lumpur clinching first, fifth and seventh places, respectively.

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Beyond Southeast Asia, Agoda’s top 10 destinations for Singaporeans shows travelers are heading to Tokyo (second), Taipei (third), Hong Kong (sixth), Seoul (eighth), Osaka (ninth), and Sapporo (tenth). Staycations in the city-state remain a popular summer option, at number eight in their top 10 list.


Japan and Korea are top picks for Taiwanese travelers this summer according to Agoda’s data, making up eight of their top 10 destinations. These include Tokyo, Okinawa Main Island, Osaka, Kyoto, Sapporo, Fukuoka, Seoul making up the first to seventh places respectively, and Busan rounding it out in ninth place.

Taipei is also a top destination spot among the Taiwanese travelers this summer, coming in at 10th. The city also proves a hit among travelers from Singapore and Japan, coming in third and eighth place for these markets’ travelers.


Many travelers from across Asia Pacific travelers are flocking to Bangkok this summer, with the city being part of the top 10 list for Singapore (first), Vietnam (second), Japan (fifth), China and Indonesia (seventh), and eighth place for Korean and Taiwanese markets.

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Thailand’s own beautiful beaches and lively cities dominate travelers’ summer destinations. Phuket, Bangkok, and Pattaya came in first, second and fourth place for domestic travelers respectively. Beyond local retreats, Thai travelers are also heading to Tokyo (third), Sapporo (sixth), Bali (eighth), Hong Kong (ninth), and Singapore (tenth).


Six of Vietnamese travelers’ top 10 destinations this summer are domestic with Da Nang (first), Nha Trang (third), Hoi An (fourth), Dalat (sixth), Phu Quoc Island (seventh) and Quy Nhon (ninth) being the top places to visit.

Those venturing overseas are heading to Bangkok, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur for summer — coming in second, fifth and eighth place, respectively. Paris is the only European destination in the top 10 for Vietnamese travelers ranking in 10th.

Vietnam’s also a favorite travel destination for international tourists this year, hitting the top 10 list for travelers from the following countries: coming in at second place for Korea, fourth place for Thailand, eighth place for Japan and tenth place for Singapore.

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