Research reveals where young Brits will be travelling, before Brexit

Contiki surveyed nearly 3,000 18-35 year olds globally as part of its The Power of Travel study and the research uncovered the travel hotspots trending for 2018.

Young Brits seem interested in visiting Europe this year, before Brexit plans take full effect. Spain was revealed as the number one destination, and half of the top 10 countries to visit in 2018 were neighbouring European countries.

Spain, France, Italy, Belgium and Greece all made it into the UK’s top 10, indicating that young travellers are keen to make the most of Britain’s current EU status before leaving the union.

The Top 10 Destinations for 2018 Travel:

1. Spain

Many Spanish locations have played host to the cast of Game of Thrones for recent seasons – Seville became Dorne and a Catalonian castle was viewers’ first sighting of Samwell Tarly’s ancestral home. Game of Thrones fans will find plenty of set-jetting opportunities across Europe, but especially in Spain where they can marry sightseeing with sampling some of the country’s dishes, and exploring the country’s cities.

2. United States
Despite all the talk of a ‘Trump Slump’, the United States remains on the top of must-visit lists for young travellers in 2018. Contiki’s research found that found 63% of millennials believe that travel shaped their perspective on global politics – helping broaden horizons and open minds, an important experience given the current political climate.

3. France
The French capital can’t take all the glory – the chateaux, wine and beachside towns are also popular for visitors.

4. Australia
Contiki found that their travellers are more willing to travel further afield, and Australia’s natural wonders are a pay off from the 24-hour flight, with beaches, wilderness, coral reefs and jungles on offer.

5. Italy
Ancient history, food, metropolitan cities, colourful harbours and plenty of beaches. As the Euro’s value against the Pound continues, young Brits can get more for their money and explore some of Italy’s cities at great value.

6. Germany
City breaks continued to be a favoured holiday-type for travellers in 2017 with over half of Brits having taken one in the last year. Germany’s cities and Christmas Markets trips are popular and Oktoberfest celebrations, are one of Contiki’s best-selling trips in the country.

7. Canada
Fresh from their 150th birthday celebrations, 2018 is a good time to explore Canada. Its National Parks are the perfect playground for those looking for more than just an Insta opportunity.

8. Caribbean Islands
Millennial travellers are keen and willing to support the Caribbean Islands with their business after the region was hit by three hurricanes at the end of last year – the islands are recovering quickly and are actively courting visitors back to their shores.

9. Belgium
Young Brits are going to Belgium in search of culture beyond cuisine, and with almost 90 museums, parks, medieval cities (Bruges) and architecture, Belgium marries the old and the new dnd is an ideal short-haul destination.

10. Greece
Greece still proves good value for money whether travellers head to the mainland or the country’s islands. Pinterest recently reported a 96% increase in saves for Mykonos.

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