Sichuan Airlines new uniforms

Sichuan Airlines has rolled out new cabin crew uniforms. Source: Shutterstock

CHENGDU-BASED Sichuan Airlines has released the new designs for its cabin crew uniforms.

The unveiling of these uniforms comes as part of the airlines’ “Panda Route” international flight development program which has been slowly growing since 2012 when it launched its first long-haul flight from Chengdu, China to Vancouver, Canada.

The airline has also recently signed a lease deal with AerCap to get its first A350-900 aircraft. This addition makes it the largest all-Airbus fleet carrier in China, further propelling the commercial carrier onto the global aviation stage.

The new aircraft features a comfortable two-class cabin layout with 303 economy seats and 28 Zodiac Aerospace Cirrus seats in business class.

To start with, the A350 will be rotated on domestic routes to give the crew a chance to familiarize themselves with the aircraft and progressively work its way into the international aerospace.

Source: Aeronews

The new cabin crew uniforms, which keep in true style with Sichuan Airlines’ trademark”Sichuan red”, will also be modeled on the new aircraft and across all its routes.

Anyone who is affiliated with Chinese culture will know the color red symbolizes happiness and good luck, which is why the new uniforms stylishly embody it.

Female cabin crew will wear a red dress with black-lined detailing down the front, a black blazer, and a black woolen hat for the colder winter months.

Source: Sichuan Airlines

For the gents, the new uniform will feature a white shirt with red stripe design and a flourish of red on the blazer pocket to keep in theme with the airline.

“Our new 7th edition uniforms are inspired by the idea of Movements, Sichuan, with the color red representing the hospitality and passion of Sichuanese people as well as the spicy flavor of Sichuan cuisine,” Sichuan Airlines General Manager Shi Zuyi said in a statement.

“We want to bring the first impression of Chinese elements and Sichuan flavors to the travelers through the new design alongside the flight attendants’ professional and heartwarming services.”

Source: Sichuan Airlines

The cute giant panda on the side of the airlines’ latest purchase alongside the stylish new uniforms will make the airline undeniably recognizable as passengers stroll through the A350’s current home at Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport.

While we’re not expecting Sichuan Airlines’ new uniforms to gain the critical acclaim that Hainan Airlines or Korean Air received for theirs, there’s no denying the airline is growing through innovative ideas which only lend to the global reputation it’s striving for.

Currently, the airline operates 270 “Panda Routes” which connect Asia, Europe, Oceania, and North America. But it hopes to increase its standing in the international aviation world and become a standard full-service carrier.

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