Stay One Degree: The first social network for luxury home rentals

As the sharing economy continues to grow, more and more consumers are enjoying the convenience and flexibility it brings to the table. Brands like YouTube, Uber, and Airbnb have had a major influence on us. And now, here comes a brand that’s going to change the way we think of luxury home rentals.

Stay One Degree is a Hong Kong-based company that introduces a new social networking concept. It gives travellers access to high-end luxury homes from all over the world. And as the first of its kind, it connects homeowners and guests who are part of its trusted members.

Stay One Degree offers some of the world’s most luxurious homes previously unavailable. They have villas, townhouses, apartments, and ski chalets in more than 40 countries around the globe. Each property is hand-picked by the team, with criteria based on the property’s architecture, interiors, location, and unique elements. And believe me, when I say – they do know how to pick.

You can browse for amazing homes by “holiday type” as shown in the screenshot below:

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Potential guests may pick from a variety of incredible options. They have cliff-top infinity pools in Bali, mountain hot tubs in Val Thorens, and villas with vineyards in Tuscany.

The social network is grown through connections, which ripples into a large pool of people that are comfortable with renting to and from. Its members can communicate through a private messaging system, and this is so they can give each other valuable tips on hotspots, must-see sights, members-only clubs, and even trusted babysitters. Yes, babysitters!

No internet search or travel guide would come close to this personal experience.

Stay One Degree is the brainchild of two friends, Thomas Bennett and Jorge Munoz, who got the idea from their own rental experiences. They grew weary of soulless hotels and thought of going a different route. And so in one of their many trips, they decided to test their social networking idea and Stay One Degree was born.

Thomas Bennett, co-founder, says, “The unique concept allows our members to explore the world from the comfort of real homes belonging to friends and trusted connections.”

The advantages of this new concept go both ways. Guests have more options to choose from. And in contrast, homeowners have more control over whether they would prefer to rent to immediate “one-degree” connections or a wider pool of trusted members. Furthermore, they can benefit from this worldwide customer base at a commission rate of 8%.

As a result of this unique platform, property owners who never would have considered renting out their holiday homes are now choosing to do so on an exclusive basis.

So, are you ready to go social networking for luxury homes?

Join the exclusive club by visiting their website at

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