THE INDIAN city of Hyderabad is usually associated with technology, but this January, people from all over the world will be gathering here to sample some of the most scrumptious Indian sweets, and a fine selection of honied delights from around the globe.


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The three-day event will be held from January 13 to 15, and will bring together people from a range of cultures, languages and regions, in order to connect communities and let foreign visitors explore tasty treats from across India.

The event, which is the first of its kind has been organized by the Telangana government, and is set to be the ultimate sweet getaway for sugary snack lovers.

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“The sweet festival is being organized to showcase the cosmopolitan nature of Hyderabad in a sweet way,” B Venkatesam, tourism and culture secretary, was quoted as saying by PTI.

Over 1000 varieties of sweets will be available at the event. Each of the sweets will be handcrafted at the festival. “No hotels, no shopkeepers, no caterers, no commercial representation” will be part of the event, added Venkatesam.

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The stalls, serving the delicacies, will be categorized into types and styles of sweet, as opposed to regions or communities. This considered arrangement hopes to ignite culinary interaction.


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For example, the famous creamy, cardamom-infused payasam which is made in Kerala, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, and Assam will be displayed and served at one counter, “So, each sweet variety will look like a mini-India,” Venkatesam added.

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A mobile app and website have also been launched in preparation for the event, so attendees can be sure not to miss a single sweet sample.

Festival-goers can also enjoy the annual, stunning display of kites that are flown on the same Parade ground in Hyderabad.

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