Situated in the heart of Europe, the wonderland of Switzerland is the home to picturesque mountains, endless green fields, and shimmering lakes. It’s the breathtaking beauty of this diverse country that often made it a part of the Bollywood movies.

As the vacations are heading, are you planning to explore the stunning beauty of Switzerland? If yes, then pinpointing the prettiest places out of incredible sights, cities, towns, destinations can become tricky for you. To help you out, here is the list of the top sites that you can add to your itinerary.


When you fly to Switzerland, you probably are entering through Zurich. Explore the twin-towered cathedral, old town, and also enjoy walking along the Limmat River that flows into Zurich lake.

During your visit to Zurich, you can stroll around Bahnhofstrasse, the main and the expensive shopping street in Europe. Also, explore Schipfe, the oldest neighborhood of Zurich, where traces of pre-Roman settlements can also be found.

Tour packages from Zurich to Paris lets you enjoy the guided tour of the top attractions.

shutterstock_1168888261 (1)Lucerne

Not only the tourists but the Swiss themselves also like this beautiful city Lucerne, that is nested on the famous Lake Lucerne. Your vacation to Switzerland won’t be complete without visiting this destination that offers a perfect combination of nature and urban life. Lucerne is also listed in the UNESCO World Heritage site because of its well-preserved architecture.

Along with the Mt. Rigi, Mt. Pilatus, and Mt. Titlis peaks, the medieval covered wooden bridge makes Lucerne a perfect base for tourists. You can even book a tour package that also lets you experience the fantastic Swiss Alps during your trip.

Lucerne is only 1-hour train ride away from Zurich. So, if you are in Zurich, do not miss visiting and exploring the beauty of Lucerne on your holiday. During your train ride, you also get a chance to discover the scenic beauty of Switzerland.

Mt. Pilatus

Located outside the Lucerne city, you will enjoy the breathtaking views of the Alps at Mt. Pilatus. To reach the top, either take a cable car from the city or hike the trails to look over the Swiss Alps. If you are visiting Switzerland during the summer months, you can enjoy rope courses and some easier trails around Pilatus northern side.

Rhine Falls shutterstock_1536477239

Rhine Falls, the largest waterfall in Europe, is the Swiss tourism natural wonder. Near the Schaffhausen town, which sits on the upper Rhine river, the Rhine Falls cover an area of near about 150 meters breadth.

You can watch the spectacular views from the various viewing decks. Visitors can also enjoy a thrilling experience by renting canoes to travel from nearby castles Schloss Worth and Schloss Laufen. If you are planning your vacation nearby Swiss National Day, then you can also enjoy the beautiful firework display at the Rhine falls on the National day.

You can also find affordable accommodation in the medieval castle of Schaffhausen town.


Bern, the capital of Switzerland, is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage site, which makes it a must to visit the place. The stunning views of the old town that sits in between the Aare river curves mesmerize you.

You can also visit the house of Parliament and the historic clock tower, which is there in the center of the town. Other places to visit in Bern are the Einstein house and Rose Garden. There is also a Bear Park in the middle of the city, where you can see Bears, as they live outside in the park.


Move out of the north part of the country and visit Grindelwald, where you can visit the Swiss Alps and enjoy the eye-catching views. You will find a lot of activities to do here. You can head to Jungfraujoch and will find it as the top traveler experience. A train ride up to the mountain offers you a chance to see the stunning views. On the way, you can see various signboards in Hindi. If you do not fall short of time, you can head to Eiger Trail. Your Jungfraujoch day trip from Zurich will be incredible as you view the Monch, Jungfrau along with the Eiger, and also walks from the tunnels in an ice palace.


Among the Swiss mountain towns, Zermatt is a village that you should not miss during your Switzerland vacation. Zermatt is home to a famous Matterhorn mountain and this beautiful village nests among the big mountains.

Reaching here is also easy now, as the NEAT tunnel allows you to arrive here only within 4 hours. Though it is a hiker’s paradise, you can also go on the mountain trains like Gornerghat, which is Europe’s highest open-air railway. You will enjoy the short walk in the fantastic views of Zermatt.

You also get a chance to visit the ski resort as there are a few glaciers here. If you are riding on the Glacier Express, which is one of the must-see train journeys, then you will undoubtedly end or start in Zermatt.

Lake Geneva

The giant liquid basin, Lake Geneva hugged by Lausanne from the east and Geneva from the west, is called ‘Leman’ or ‘Large Water’ by Celts. French-speaking Swiss living here now calls it a Lac Leman. This beautiful lake has luxurious chateaus on the shores and also gives a rare glimpse of Swiss wines.

Boats, paddle steamers, and ferries float through Lake Geneva daily. If you love to explore Vaud Alps, Jura Mountains, and Canton Vaud’s wineries, then Lake Geneva is an excellent starting point. You can move to cosmopolitan Geneva if you want to experience the multicultural vibe of Geneva. It is Switzerland’s third-biggest city and houses, elegant green spaces, lively art scenes, multi-cuisine restaurants that satisfy everyone’s palate, and enchanting museums.



For romantic couples, Montreux is the best destination. Chateau de Chillon, the picturesque castle situated on the banks of Lake Geneva and in the Swiss Riviera heart, dates you back to the 12th century. You can stroll around the lakeside and also view the paintings of the 14th century on the ancient walls, subterranean vaults, furniture, weaponry, and bedrooms that are preserved in its original form.

Montreux is at its best when it hosts the famous jazz festival in the summer.

Plan your Switzerland vacation by adding these famous destinations in your itinerary to enjoy and reminisce your vacation once you are back from the trip.

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