Go to sleep in Glasgow and wake up in London: easyHotel launches portable hotel rooms

Posted by - April 2, 2018

Auto-navigating driverless hotel rooms, known as vrooms, that transport guests while they sleep, are launched today by easyHotel after extensive on and inadvertent off-road trials.
The vrooms, available at any of easyHotel’s locations in the UK, are being marketed under the easyGotel brand. From easyHotel’s standard lowest rate of £19 a night (plus petrol, tolls, and any parking ticket and clamping fees), guests can choose to wake up at any of the chain’s 11 UK locations.
These locations are Old Street (London), Glasgow, Croydon, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle, and the company’s franchise locations of Edinburgh, London Heathrow, Central London, Luton.
easyHotel’s 13 European sites – Belgium (Brussels), Bulgaria (Sofia), Germany (Berlin, Frankfurt), Hungary (Budapest), The Netherlands (Amsterdam: City, Arena & Zaandam, Rotterdam, The Hague, The Hague Scheveningen Beach), Switzerland (Basel, Zurich) – will be added within six months.
The super budget hotel chain has also been testing a ‘roam-ance’ mode that transports guests to exotic destinations while they sleep. ‘Roam-ance’ mode will go live in time for Valentine’s Day 2019.
“We’ve struck a deal with ferry companies which means that you can check in in London and potentially wake up in Venice,” said Ffion Evans of easyHotel.
“Initial tests have given us useful learnings. A few days ago I tested the Venice option and woke up to find that we’d arrived outside a kebab shop in Wolverhampton.”
In addition, service drones will deliver food and drink, collected from motorway services, while guests are en route. Evans continued: “The vroom service option is going to be very popular. From the comfort of your vroom you can order a long life tuna and sweetcorn sandwich, a snickers and a litre of lucozade and have them delivered to the ‘deli-pad’ on the roof.”
An integrated solar-powered trouser press is one of several eco features built into the new vrooms. easyGotel has also signed a partnership with car washes on major routes that will provide a range of ‘en-suite’ services.