It may not be a boozy time of year (hello, Dry January our old friend), but that doesn’t mean you can’t brush up on your knowledge of the price of beer* around the world in preparation for your next trip. Or as inspiration for your next trip! No judgement here.

We pride ourselves on how many different languages we can order a beer in as well as our knowledge of beer in general. So, we had a look at how much a cold one will set you back in some of the most popular travel destinations for 2020.

And if you’re not a big drinker or are teetotal altogether, don’t worry. Our list includes some non-alcoholic beers and breweries too.


One word: pubs. If there’s one thing the Brits know how to do it’s the public house. And drinking, of course. They’ve been making beer since before the building of Stonehenge, for hops sake. It’s part of who they are. Head to literally any traditional pub in any county and you won’t be disappointed with the tap offerings. Or drink with the London locals at the Bermondsey Beer Mile where you can try 17 different breweries. Bonus pints for anyone who can complete the whole thing! Unfortunately, the price of beer in London does tend to be higher than other cities, though.

Price: $6.80 (£5.18)
Where to go: Any pub. Or a craft brewery…

  • BrewDog, Scotland
  • Nirvana Brewery (non-alcholic), London
  • Wiper and True, Bristol
  • Northern Monk Refrectory, Manchester
  • Harbour Brewing Co., Padstow
  • H1780 Tap & Still, Liverpool
  • Fourpure Brewing Co., London
  • Brick Brewery, London


The Middle East isn’t somewhere that springs to mind when chatting all things alcohol due to religious restrictions and related laws. But Lebanon is different. The country may be known for its wine, but its capital, Beirut, is turning into a haven for beer lovers. It’s also known as party central and well, we’re okay with that!

Price: $4.30 (6,458 LBP)
Where to go:

  • 961 Beer, Beirut
  • Brew Inc., Beirut
  • Colonel, Beirut


Most travellers will head straight for Bangkok’s Khao San Road and sink one or two (or five) Singha or Chang beers with their new mates. It’s basically a rite of passage for any backpacker. But did you know it’s illegal to microbrew according to Thailand’s 1950 Liquors Act? Rebellion is brewing as a few microbreweries pop up and Thai brewers make the beer abroad in places like Laos and Cambodia and import it. Like most places in South East Asia, the price of beer in Thailand is backpacker friendly.

Price: $3.00 (92.5 THB)
Where to go:

  • 3 Bears Craft Brewery, Bangkok
  • Golden Coins, Bangkok
  • Phuket Beer, Phuket
  • My Beer Friend, Chaing Mai


Another South East Asian gem for beer lovers, Vietnam is home to some easy-drinking lagers, perfect when washed down with a pho or bánh mì. It’s also the birthplace of bia hơi, draught beer brewed daily and matured for a short time. It’s strong and cheap, but it won’t tickle all tastebuds. However, it is hella cheap (we’ve seen it for a mere ¢18 before)! But the price of beer in Vietnam isn’t exactly high if you’re after a traditional Saigon, Hanoi or 333.

Price: $1.10 (24,949 VMD) But craft beer will be higher.
Where to go: Find any street bar with the quintessential tiny plastic stools and a sign that reads bia hơi and drink with the locals. Or try these…

  • Furbrew Beer Bar, Hanoi
  • Lac Brewing Co., Ho Chi Minh
  • Winking Seal Beer Co., Ho Chi Minh
  • 7 Bridges Brewing Company, Da Nang
  • Hoi An Artisan Brewery, Hoi An


We all love a classic Coors Light and Budweiser beer, but there is a ridiculous amount of craft breweries to choose from too. The West Coast especially, is drenched in IPAs and pale ales, with the craft beer cult taking over the Pacific Northwest in recent years. Ale yeah!

Price: $7.88
Where to go:

  • Hair of the Dog Brewing Co., Portland, ME
  • Renegade Brewing, Denver, CO
  • Other Half Brewing Co., Brooklyn, NY
  • Hops and Grain Brewing, Austin, TX
  • Concrete Beach Brewery, Miami, FL
  • Thirsty Bear Brewing Company, San Francisco, CA
  • Kona Brewing Co., Hawaii
  • Athletic Brewing Co., (non-alcholic), Stratford, CT


Like ours, Canada’s craft brewery scene has blown up over the past few years, especially in the big cities of Vancouver and Toronto. Every month there seems to be a new brewery popping up. Sorry, but the Canadians know how to do beer!

Price: $4.65 (CAD $6.10)
Where to go:

  • Russell Brewing Company, Vancouver, BC (because they brew the cleverly named ‘IP’eh!’)
  • Coast Mountain Brewery, Whistler, BC
  • Partake Brewing (non-alcoholic), Calgary, AB
  • Blood Brothers Brewing, Toronto, ON
  • Junction Craft Brewing, Toronto, ON
  • Tofino Brewing Co., Vancouver Island, BC
  • Persephone, Gibsons, BC


Like the UK, Australia has a huge drinking culture, so there are plenty of beers to choose from – this makes us very hoppy. Whichever state you’re in, you’ll never be stuck for a classic VB, XXXX Gold, Tooheys Extra Dry or Carlton Mid. But be sure to try one of the many craft breweries. Or grab a stubby to go. The price of beer Down Under, like most things, tends to fluctuate from state to state.

Price: $6.10 (AUD $8.90)
Where to go:

  • Mornington Peninsula Brewery, Mornington, VIC
  • Moon Dog Craft Brewery, Melbourne, VIC
  • Land and Sea Brewery, Noosa, QLD
  • Prancing Pony Brewery, Adelaide, SA
  • Fox Friday Craft Brewery, Moonah, TAS
  • Petition Beer Corner, Perth, WA
  • Sobah (non-alcoholic), Burleigh Heads, QLD

South Africa

Not one to shy away from a good time, South Africa is definitely up to speed on the worldwide craft beer game. Sure, Stellenbosch Wine Route is a popular draw for travellers, but its got some seriously good brews to try. Plus, the price of beer in South Africa isn’t going to break the bank. Win!

Price: $2.20 (31.20 ZAR)
Where to go:

  • Afro Caribbean Brewing Co., Cape Town
  • That Brewing Co., Durban
  • Devil’s Peak Brewing Co., Epping
  • Table Mountain Breweries, Cape Town
  • Frontier Beer Co., Johannesburg
  • Sir Thomas Brewing Co., Stellenbosch

New Zealand

New Zealand may be known for its crisp Marlborough whites and dark juicy reds, but they love filling up the chilly bin (that’s the cooler to us) with a pack of beers and heading to one of their beautiful beaches with their bros. The price of beer in this part of the world isn’t exactly cheap but it’s totally worth it. Shaka, brah.

Price: $7.40 (NZD $11.10)
Where to go:

  • Moa Brewing Co., Marlborough
  • Three Boys Brewery, Christchurch
  • Garage Project, Wellington
  • Deep Creek Brewing Co., Browns Bay
  • Sawmill Brewery, Matakana
  • Sour Bitch Brewing, Auckland


Ah Japan. The land of the strong fermented rice drink, sake. Sake’s great and all, but it’s not the kind of thing you can drink in an izakaya (that’s a traditional Japanese pub for you uninitiated) with the locals all night. You could try, but we promise it won’t end well. Trust. So relax with a classic Asahi, Kirin or Sapporo, or get crafty with one of these breweries…

Price: $4.80 (¥524 JPY)
Where to go:

  • Demo Beer, Aomori
  • Yo-Ho Brewing, Nagano
  • Minoh Brewery, Osaka
  • Kiuchi Brewery, Ibaraki
  • SOC Brewing, Sapporo
  • iBrew, Tokyo

*Based on the most up-to-date 2019 prices.

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