A friend tells you that he feels “extremely drained,” you immediately know what he means.

It may not be an official medical diagnosis, but it does a fine job describing a feeling with which both men and women are familiar: The sluggishness, weariness, and overall absence of energy that keeps us from functioning efficiently. The human equivalent of a grey winter’s day.

How do we typically deal with this languor and lethargy? We eat carbs or drink wine or mindlessly swipe through social media until we fall asleep. But these are merely coping mechanisms which ignore the fact that being “extremely drained” not only describes mental and physical malaise, it can be the sign of underlying medical conditions that demand our attention.

Your sluggishness, weariness, and overall absence of energy can be signs of serious underlying medical conditions.

Achieving Whole-Body Health

In describing this run-down feeling, being “extremely drained” succeeds despite its ambiguity, as it characterises a sense that one’s entire being — body, mind, and spirit — isn’t up to par.

It can be caused by poor diet, lack of exercise, work stress, pharmaceutical side effects or other modern lifestyle factors, hormone imbalances, psychological disorders, cardiovascular problems, certain kinds of cancer and other underlying medical conditions.

In either case, Miskawaan Health Group (MHG) has developed a uniquely scientific approach to improving people’s physical and mental wellness. This is done by addressing the causes of specific symptoms in each individual, which is the essence of Functional Medicine.

Unlike conventional medicine where a treatment’s success is measured by how well symptoms are masked, functional medicine asks why an individual is unwell to uncover and eliminate the root of their symptoms. MHG’s doctors examine the full scope of the individual’s physiology to design tailor-made treatment programs that use natural therapies to achieve whole-body health, once and for all.

Functional Medicine the Miskawaan Way

The difference between simply masking symptoms and actually treating them at the root is conveyed neatly on MHG’s website. They describe their brand of functional medicine as a way to “Unlock Your Inner Vitality” and “Discover the Extraordinary You,” both reminders that functional medicine is essentially a means to a better quality of life.

Visiting MHG clinic in either Bangkok or Koh Samui is in fact a lifestyle decision. Their “clients” are proactive wellness seekers in search of precision diagnoses, personalised treatments, and natural preventative therapies. They recognise the benefits of patient-centred, holistic care that includes screening, treatment and cure.

What might an integrative functional-medicine program look like for you, a middle-aged or retirement-aged wellness seeker who’s sluggish, weary, lacking energy, and looking for long-term solutions?

The journey to excellent health is a marathon not a sprint, and it begins with the right curative path.

Natural Therapies

Your body and mind aren’t feeling up to par so you decide to go for screening at MHG – or perhaps you’ve already gotten a clinical diagnosis. What kinds of therapies should you expect in their state-of-the-art clinics to treat your lifestyle ailments or underlying medical conditions?

There is a wide variety of treatments on offer, typically administered in combinations tailored to your unique medical profile. They include IV infusion therapies to detoxify the blood and increase the absorption of nutrients; Immune system therapies such as NK cells which attack cancerous tumours, and dendritic cells which generate disease-fighting white blood cells; Hormone therapies like bioidentical hormone replacement which treats exhaustion and organ-damaging hormonal imbalances; Detoxifying therapies which removes heavy metals from the blood, and pulsed magnetic fields treatment which allows better cell nutrient absorption; Ozone therapies which supercharge the immune system to fight viruses and bacteria; and Physical, behavioural, and nutritional therapies that form the foundation for feeling fit and optimal.

Careful diagnosis, extensive laboratory testing, and preparation of natural therapies designed for each individual client is the essence of functional medicine. Improving your appearance, sharpening your mental acuity, increasing your longevity, giving you energy, and rooting out diseases like cancer: That’s the essence of Miskawaan Health Group.

Give Yourself the Gift of Health in the New Year

MHG understands that health is a sensitive personal matter to each and every one of us. It must be respected and handled with the utmost care.

That’s why MHG’s founders, Dr. Johannes Wessolly and Mr. David Boehm began their partnership, with the goal of resetting the relationship between healthcare providers and healthcare consumers. The result is much more thorough evaluations and laboratory testing, the prescription of holistic all-natural therapies to balance, strengthen and stabilise clients’ immune systems, and eliminate the use of chemical pharmaceuticals. The results have been nothing short of amazing.

Contact MHG for more information on how to unlock your inner vitality and discover the extraordinary you through functional medicine and a whole-body approach to great health.

Author: Miskawaan Health Group (MHG). For further information please visit us online at Miskawaan.com or contact us via: [email protected] or call (0)2086 8888.

Series Editor: Christopher F. Bruton, Executive Director, Dataconsult Ltd, [email protected] Dataconsult’s Thailand Regional Forum provides seminars and extensive documentation to update business on future trends in Thailand and in the Mekong Region.

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