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WELLNESS holidays are getting increasingly popular as more and more travelers are crossing borders and seeking holidays to escape from monotony and stress.

In fact, it is the travel industry’s fastest growing sector with a 10 percent rise this year, making it a plus US$500 billion market.

Yoga and meditation retreats, for example, have been at the forefront of this growth in the past few years. It was not that long ago that it was considered just a niche in the wellness tourism market.

But thanks to the rising awareness about the concepts of yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda (Indian medicine system), more and more travelers began planning their travel around various wellness activities.

Wellness Travel Yoga

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These days, there is an abundance of spas, yoga and meditation camps, and health resorts across the globe to cater to wellness travelers. And like most facets to the tourism industry, wellness travel will continue to evolve.

Here are the emerging “travel to feel well” trends for 2019:


Mothers are jumping on the #momcation trend, to give themselves a break from domestic and family responsibilities, such as having to chase children around the house or balancing a career and chores at home day in and day out.

During a #momcation, which typically runs from about two or three days to up to a week, moms are able to do whatever they want or better yet, do nothing at all, with other moms or girl friends.

These breaks are essential to a mother’s wellbeing and therefore good for the children too.


Though it might sound sinister, a painmoon is the exact opposite of what it may be suggesting: a painful honeymoon.

On the contrary, a painmoon is an “anti-honeymoon,” a turning-point wellness travel that helps those affected by sadness, anger, and tragedy, empowering them and helping them focus on getting past the hard times.

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These travelers escape to mourn or grieve a loved one, a bad breakup, a tough divorce battle, or to heal from poor mental health or anxiety.

Silence retreat

Imagine traveling for the sole purpose of getting a good dose of peace and quiet. That is exactly what a silence retreat is.

It is mainly aimed at travelers who want to get away from all the racket in their lives, be it from the noise pollution in the city where they live to the daily distractions from their social media feeds.

At a silence retreat, travelers are left alone with themselves and given ample space and time to reflect, rediscover, recharge, and recalibrate. It is also the perfect opportunity to make up for all the lost hours of sleep.


This type of trip is the perfect pair for a babymoon (the last hurrah vacation a couple takes before their baby enters the world). Like its name would suggest, a conceptionmoon is a fertility holiday taken for the sole purpose of baby-making.

Because stress is believed to hinder conception, couples who are looking to boost their chances of getting pregnant hit the road or jet off to rekindle the fire in their relationship and increase their chances of conceiving.

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Does it work, though? A survey of US mums on revealed that nearly half of all couples who took a conceptionmoon did actually conceive while they were away.

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