Here are what travelers with a refined taste for luxury can look forward to in 2019. Source: Shutterstock.

2018 was the year of adventure travel, authentic culinary tourism, “bleisure” (business and leisure travel), and conscious travel.

And of course, let us not forget living like a local, which was all the rage.

But the new year will bring a whole new set of emerging travel trends, particularly in the luxury sector, according to multiple award-winning luxury operator Scott Dunn.

So if you are looking for something to inspire you to get up and book the next flight out, here are what travelers with a refined taste for luxury can look forward to in 2019:


Thanks to the likes of social media platforms, pictures, and videos of eclipses and supermoons are so attention-grabbing that it has become a point to travel.

In the coming year, the world will see more “spaced out” travelers chasing eclipses and seeking far-flung lodges or remote campsites (where there is nothing but complete darkness) to realize their stargazing dream.

According to Scott Dunn, bookings for astro-experiences have tripled over the last four years.

As such, in reflecting the continuous rise of is popularity, the company has begun offering itineraries which will make the most of eclipses as they envelop destinations in total darkness.

Source: Shutterstock.

To add on, Scott Dunn also continues to offer exceptional stargazing experiences across the globe, working with world-renowned astronomers and observatories that scope the night sky.

The “QT” break

“QT” break stands for “quality time” break.

Scott Dunn is seeing a rise in parents or grandparents taking one child at a time on a one-on-one adventure, as time together continues to be a precious commodity.

Exhilarating and activity-focused short breaks to create bonding moments where the adults and children are having equally as much fun will see the limelight next year.

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For the ultimate parent and child bonding experience, Scott Dunn recommends a short getaway to Nepal to explore bustling Kathmandu and the more relaxed city of Pokhara, with its array of adrenaline pumping activities.

Parents will love the cultural aspect and introduction to the history of Nepal, while children will love putting the parents through their paces with zip lining, some of the world’s best paragliding and hiking trails.

Out of hours

There have been so many articles focusing on tips to avoiding crowds and having to jostle with people at popular tourist attractions that it was only a matter of time before tour operators cashed in on it.

In the coming year, as travelers will continue to seek out the most unique experiences, tour operators like Scott Dunn will offer more and more out of hours encounters.

What is an out of hour encounter?

Source: Shutterstock.

For starters, exclusive access to some of the world’s most sought-after sites and museums including a sunrise picnic at Christ the Redeemer, access to the Vatican before it opens to the crowds, and late-access to Bangkok’s Reclining Buddha after it shuts to the general public.

Transformative travel

There is nothing more life-changing than a vacation that will make you come back a changed person – transformative travel.

There has been an increasing number of educated guests choosing specific retreats catered to holistic wellness detoxes at resorts like Santani in Kandy, Sri Lanka, which offers tailored packages focused on Ayurveda, detox, weight loss, sleep, balance, addiction, stress, or yoga.

Source: Shutterstock.

And now, more travelers are looking for experiences that can transform them, the communities and landscapes they visit. They seek to make not only memories but also a global difference.

Scott Dunn works closely with “ME to WE”, an immersive voluntourism program found in Rajasthan, Kenya, and Ecuador that guests can include as part of an India itinerary.

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